RDZ Industries: Project Y4

A remote RDZ Industries industro-military research and development facility has gone dark… Its factories are on overdrive, producing AI-controlled drone units that have destroyed everything in the facility. Take control of the brand new, highly experimental All-Purpose Assault Mech as you are sent to investigate the stricken facility — get in, regain control of the base systems, and find out what the hell happened.

RDZ Industries: Project Y4 is a singleplayer action-adventure RPG total conversion map for Warcraft III: the Frozen Throne.

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RDZ Industries: Project Y4

The progress of the project, including discussions about everything from enemies and equipment to planned features and game design, was charted through numerous development diary blogs. If you want to get deep into the guts of how one man constructs a massive folly, read these in chronological order…

  • Blog 375: introducing Arena Y4, where it all began.
  • Blog 409: introducing Project Y4 the This Wreckage clone.
  • Blog 410: a whirlwind tour around some map features.
  • Blog 412: a talk about repurposing old artwork.
  • Blog 413: a showcase of early weapons, shields and undercarriage mods.
  • Blog 414: a showcase of the common enemies you’ll face in Y4.
  • Blog 416: musings on death and respawn without making the game too hard or impossible to lose.
  • Blog 417: making a maze generator, part 1.
  • Blog 418: making a maze generator, part 2.
  • Blog 422: introducing bonus mini-missions.
  • Blog 427: panic panic panic… crisis averted.
  • Blog 428: musings on how I always end up repeating myself.
  • Blog 434: the return of “feature creep” as a design philosophy.
  • Blog 435: imagine things going wrong, in a way that is impossible.
  • Blog 439: why does RDZ Industries look the way it does?
  • Blog 443: the premise of the first mini-mission is set in… ever-shifting sand.
  • Blog 444: drone showcase video.
  • Blog 447: progress report, some new equipment and mini-missions revealed.
  • Blog 451: discussion of power-ups.
  • Blog 454: discussion of permanent upgrades.
  • Blog 463: my first attempt at history.
  • Blog 471: to lock the camera, or not to lock the camera?
  • Blog 485: recap of promised features that have been fulfilled… and some that haven’t.
  • Blog 489: it’s just like… it’s just like… it’s just like a – mini – map.
  • Blog 492: getting back to work.
  • Blog 493: maze upgrades.
  • Blog 499: miscellaneous concept sketches through the ages.
  • Blog 500: sound effects.
  • Blog 507: let’s do this in bits.
  • Blog 509: announcing R01.
  • Blog 510: R01 IS RELEASED
  • Blog 526: look to the future, it’s only just begun.
  • Blog 529: part A, part B, part C and part D: making Arena Y4.
  • Blog 539: moar equipment, moar!
  • Blog 549: how about we don’t let that procedural maze stuff go to waste?
  • Blog 562: this difficulty lark is tough.
  • Blog 569: the end, or at least an end.

80 thoughts on “RDZ Industries: Project Y4

      • So you mean these will be void? Like the entire story of RDZ Industries will stop at that moment when Ikaris self-destructs and destroys both it and the AP-AM?
        So vague…….. These two bonus missions took much of my interest since it is assumed to hold answers to Ikaris and the vault’s existence. I hope whatever it is your cooking up with Unity can make this entire story clear.

        More powers Rao!!

        Btw This Wreckage ROCKS!!! I just downloaded and played the map. Nice map making dawg


      • Hehe, yes, the future of RDZ Industries lies with Unity. I will definitely make Gala’s Trench and Skyward Fire there, though they will accompany a grand restructuring of Y4 itself.

        Gala’s Trench wasn’t going to reveal anything directly related but would bring some more… outsiders… into the mix (it was going to be a giant Arthstone joke).

        Skyward Fire was going to be the big kicker that revealed everything and opened the floodgates for epic the space opera. (If you want the low-down on the spoilertastic specifics, then do hit me up by the Contact form. Because obviously the Real Deal is going to be quite a bit further down the line.)

        I do my best. :>


  1. I spent pretty much all of today’s morning trying to beat Project Y4 R02b. Found a couple bugs on Marseille. (Not sure if you’re going to fix them however since this is your final version.) Firstly, the arena bounds. You can’t leave during your first fight, but if you die and battle him again, there are no bound and you can kite him around. His health gets regenerated when you leave, but you can make him go out of his guard range and return to his starting position, and he will do nothing else while returning. This allows you to rain hell on him with artillery without fear of retaliation. When the player is presented with the options “Attack” and “Leave”, attacking seems to be bugged. When I killed him, he blew up and left some wreckage (as he should). Then I began fighting his other pirates and suddenly, as I left the battle area (to buy myself some time to recharge the Pulse Cannon), Marseille taunted me for running away. I looked at his corpse, and the living model was there (he was still dead though). And then the corpse shot the ricochet at me. I didn’t seem to get any bounty from destroying him and since he wasn’t an actual quest, I didn’t think there was anyone for me to return to so I could collect the “million quid”. The “Leave” option worked fine, but I could kill the Galbrezus and UMechs while they were walking out, lol. Another thing I noticed was that Marseille’s Ricochet hurt his own Galbrezus.
    Also, did you get that name from SoU: The Dark Phoenix? I think Marseille’s Ricochet was in there…
    [Off-topic] When I beat The Dark Phoenix, I was told that it was a prologue to the campaign. Are there other SoU maps?


    • Erm… I also got stuck in the cinematic where there was a Mausoleum but it has a keypad. I punched in a random code and then after it got rejected, I pressed escape. The keypad dissapeared but I got a black screen.


    • I intend to release R02c fairly soon with all the minor bug fixes that have come up, it wouldn’t do to leave with so few niggles left around.

      – I found the reason why the Mausoleum keypad breaks, I had “stay in cinematic mode” set to true for some reason. The perils of copy-pasta…
      – The Marseille fight has always been pretty awkward when it comes to death and revival and containment, since he’s just out in the wild. I’ll check what gets switched on and off where.
      – Maybe I just need to increase his sight range. Lots of other enemies respond directly to artillery strikes, but you are meant to dance around him somewhat: he’s a slow mover but a very heavy hitter.
      – The bounce of the Richochet is meant to be indiscriminate. He’s a pirate who rules by force, he doesn’t really care.
      – And the “million quid” reward should trigger as you walk back to the main mission, through the research bunker.

      Hehe, yep, that’s where Marseille and his Ricochet came from. There was no campaign, but there was an absolutely insane multiplayer AoS thing that’s a combination of SimCity and a billion other things. Alas, he did no more dedicated singleplayer outings that I’m aware of.


      • Just beat Icaris… I was stuck in a cinematic with no dialogue. I waited patiently for a minute, but was forced to press escape and quit the cinematic after it became clear that nothing would be said.
        Now my life will be incomplete, knowing that I missed part of the story!
        (There were also two containment chambers and a bunker that I failed to get the codes for. So yeah, I guess my life was already incomplete.)
        Also, watching this cinematic, I laughed out loud as I saw my G1 Remote on the ground, floating in thin air. I had placed it down near the middle of the arena because it was useless, and now in the cinematic it is just… floating there over the blast area xD
        “There is no evidence that any matter within the blast radius remains…”
        Those G1 guys sure do know how to make remotes.

        By the way, my stats:
        Units Destroyed: 1543
        Reconstructions: 23
        Double Kills: 152
        Triple Kills: 64
        Multikills: 37
        Ultrakills: 12
        Megakills: 9
        Monster Kills: 1
        Beyond Monster Kills: 6
        Longest Combo: 19
        Longest Spree: 485
        Mission Duration: 4:56:06
        One thing I’m sad about is that my sound died like twenty minutes before the first AoS… I missed all those good explosion sounds, and if you had a song playing at the end, I missed that too. 😦


      • – When did the cinematic get stuck? The finale is about seven separately skippable blocks, what faded out immediately before it stopped? You might actually have missed nothing, and just the go-to-the-next-bit action didn’t fire until you “skipped”. I had a lot of trouble adding in the new post-credits sequence too, though it looked like everything was functioning properly in my final test runs.
        – There is one containment chamber that has no code. The others… You’re on yer own!
        – Hrmm, I don’t clean up items, only units. There’s always one loose end… Ah well, G1 equipment is known for its durability, that works.
        – 5 hours? Not bad. Try as I might, I can’t make it last more than 3, but I guess I do know everything.
        – There’s a really really bad cover version of Gary Numan’s “Metal” over the credits, but it’s uh… You didn’t miss anything. I am no musician.


  2. I had a question about the Gold Bullion quest earlier but forgot to bring it up.

    I had just found the place where I was to drop the Gold Bullion off, but being a save whore, I saved right before giving the Bullion up. There was the cinematic, then I got the choice. Attack the Smuggler, or let him pay me and leave. Because I need to know every little piece of information the game has (like both rewards of a irreversible choice). I needed to find out what each choice did. I first did the “Attack” option, killed him, memorized the reward (900 Credits), then reloaded and did the same, but let the Smuggler leave. I got the reward of 850 credits and ??? Reward. What do the question marks stand for? (That’s not the main question though.) Because the Attack choice gave the better reward, I thought, “Hey, I’m gonna reload anyway, let’s see what happens if I attack the truck!” The truck stood still as I bashed it to pieces. Unfourtunately, no Gold Bullion dropped. My question is, was the truck meant to leave?


    • Hmm. When you attack the smuggler, he is supposed to make a run for the gate (and maybe bash at you a bit) — he should get killed by the alphas anyway. You’ll get no reward as such, but the Gold Bullion itself should remain, though it is replaced with a version that you can sell or… give to… somebody…

      If you let the smuggler leave, he gives you cash and that’s it. I may have mixed my reward amounts up, the gold bullion should be worth less than letting him go because you can do something special with it.

      I was originally intending to do a bit more with the criminal stuff, so helping (or hindering) the smugglers in a few different ways would affect some things further down the line. It never really panned out, the map is spaghetti code as it is.


      • Also, I meant that I was going to attack the truck while he was still neutral. I’m not sure if you understood that. (He was neutral because I had chosen to let him live. I was curious to see if the truck would become neutral hostile if I attacked it.)


      • Yeah, I took a look at the code and saw that. Silly me. He should always run for the exit, just when you attack he goes to Neutral Hostile.


  3. I’ve found another bug. In the Tutorial mode, there is a practice Node Hacking mission. I let the timer go out for fun to see what would happen. After nothing exciting happened, I retried the Node Hacking. However, I was unable to bring up the Node Hacking screen. I clicked “Hack Node” but nothing happened. I clicked it a few more times, then just exited because I could not progress any further.


  4. Hello Rao Dao Zao.
    This is my first time replying to one of your maps, but this is because I had only just discovered your site and your AMAZING maps. I’m a big fan of singleplayer maps and I’m happy to see you specialize in them. Project Y4 is incredibly awesome, but I found a few bugs. I am not sure if you have experienced these yet. First off, I got a fatal error when I dropped the bomb. I reloaded and tried again. Fatal error. So I thought, “hm, I sure hope this isn’t the end. I wonder if the error will persist if I restart.” So I restarted, clicking “New Game” and then making a rush towards the area where the bomb was to be placed. I killed enemies along the way and blew up the red barrel, but did not do any unnecessary things (such as killing crates or going after the pirates). I dropped the bomb, and it worked fine. Second bug isn’t really a bug, it’s a spelling error. (The only spelling error I found in this, and that’s why I am notifying you. If you had many errors, I would only say “You have some grammar and spelling errors.”) In the conversation between the Captain and the Delta in Transport Bunker Six (the one where you get the Blade Barrier), the Captain says “Please to see you soldier.” or something along those lines. I’m pretty sure it should say “Pleased”. Third error, and probably the most serious is the one where my Cargo Hold died. Yep, it somehow died. I had just finished defending the Core from all of those drones, and was going back to the gatehouse to kill G1. I had the toxic shell mod on, and thought my shells would be more effective without it. I was going to put it in my Cargo Hold and take out the GEP Gun… when I saw:
    “Cargo Hold: Dead
    Revive at altar”
    Not suprisingly, I thought “What the hell?! My GEP Gun and Smoke Shell Mod were in there!”
    I’m pretty sure it happened when the Core was successfully defended, because I distinctly remember switching my GEP Gun to the Blade Barrier Generator early on. Now that I think of it, I died around three times in that fight, so that might have been the cause. I’m not sure.

    It’s a great map, but I think I might have to stop. I’m not really sure how I’m going to go on without my Cargo Hold. I love having extra inventory space and I like its map. (Nothing like getting lost in in a giant facility with rooms that have similar characteristics.)


    • Hmm. The fact that the bomb drop crash bug was somehow avoidable is interesting, but I’m not surprised that it’s still there. Still fairly convinced it’s a model problem (seeing as it always occurs on the death animation playing rather than on some trigger firing, and using a different model solved it on systems where it was guaranteed to occur), but the effect is now as stripped down as it can get. I assume you are playing R01d?

      I have so many failsafes around the Cargo Hold to ensure that, even should it die, it should revive instantly. I don’t even know how it’s managing to die in the first place. I think I’ll leave a debug command to revive it switched on in R02 if I can’t narrow down the problem. Maybe some kill-all-enemies trigger is getting overzealous and taking the Hold with it.

      It’s fair enough that you want to stop without the Cargo Hold. Maybe that’d be a good difficulty setting for a hardcore mode: no backpack…

      Anyway, thanks for the heads-up. That’s my lunch-hour sorted!


      • Yes, I was playing R01d.
        I’ll experiment around and see what is the cause of the error. If I find it, I’ll tell you.


      • By the way, I saw no “kill-all-enemies trigger”. When the cinematic for defending the core was done, a whole bunch of drones that weren’t there before were surrounding me. They were mostly Betas so I wasn’t hurt much. I also managed to get a “Holy Sh*t” killstreak by killing them.
        By the way, I forgot to ask. What does Tarochite Ore do, and why does the Galbrezu (Pirate Melee mech) have regeneration?


      • Oh, that’s the beauty of all my scripts — they’re doing hideous amounts of work behind the scenes. The fact that you got surrounded during the end cinematic suggests that something has short-circuited… Or maybe I just didn’t with an edge case.

        The Tarochite Ore contains Tarobium, which is a metal that can be used to create equipment at the Foundry Control area.

        Why indeed? There are no self-healing organic units here.


  5. hi,

    i see your dazzle paint pretty cool!..does it increase the dodge rate? i didnt see my character dodge attacks that frequently compared on wearing a dazzle shield.

    and is my computer just laggy or you dont have yet put an action for the death of Marseille? i see marseille just dissapear after dying… anyway, hes still a very good ally on the game.


    • No, dazzle paint is purely decorative.

      … How the hell are you accessing this area? R02 has not been released yet! If the doorway is present in R01d then that’s a horrendous mistake on my part and everything will be broken.


  6. Hi,

    I only get a white Screen where the game should be actually played in. Everything else works: UI, Messages (afters activating subtitles), loading Screen, tutorial selection and so on. I even have a health bar for the model used, but I cannot see anything else.


    • I don’t quite follow. When is this happening — for the main game or the tutorial, or both? Did you see the intro text fading in and out before the menu? Did you skip a cinematic (and if so, at what point during it)?


      • Hi,

        It happened past the intro sequence (doesn’T matter if I abort it or if I select the tutorial or actual game). Just the regular play are (not UI, not menus, etc) – the middle stripe is blank. I can see healthbars in that area though. Maybe its another -opengl glitch. Dunno. But I cannot play wc3 fluently any other way.


      • Well, I just tried running the game in opengl mode myself and I saw exactly what you’re seeing. I think it’s a lighting problem — unshaded textures all showed up fine, while shaded textures showed up pure white. Since 99% of the world is shaded, that means the whole screen shows up pure white.

        As to why it’s having that effect… I haven’t the faintest idea.


  7. I find that all the enemies in the game are machanical , have you thought of adding an organic creature in as a boss or something for a side mission.


    • Hehe, yes, and there are a number of reasons why I won’t do that — foremost among them is that I am rubbish at doing organic models (let alone textures). I have ideas for a corporation based on genetic engineering rather than mechanics, but it’s not something I feel capable of exploring just yet.


  8. On one of my play through, I had entered a code for one of the code locked containers, and later when I checked the keycode log all the digits had been replaced by question marks as if I hadn’t gotten any of the code bits. Fortunately, it was just a container that only required one use of the code, and not the code to bunker 01 (that would have been unfortunate). Since this is probably a bug I thought I’d mention it.

    I was also wondering if all the codes for such locked containers are actually able to be found in the current game? There were three code locked item containers that I could not seem to find codes for. (I mean I could always try guessing, only 10000 possible codes!)

    Lastly, I just thought I’d say that I am very much enjoying Project Y4. Thank you!


    • The question mark issue sounds strange… Did you do the node hack that revealed it, but fail the hack and try again later but NOT get any digits the second time? That’s the only way I can think of that might have caused it to blank. It’s sort of desired behaviour because I’m lazy, but if that’s the issue then I’ll sort it out for R02. (BTW, if you miss any of the hack codes there’s a secret area in the big Waste bunker with a computer that reveals them… and a couple others.)

      You’re right, there are not codes for every single containment chamber. The only one I can remember off the top of my head is the one in the middle of the waste annex, but there may be more. I’m saving these for later. ;D

      Good to see a few dud codes haven’t dampened your enjoyment anyway!


  9. How is your work on Operation: Gala’s Trench doing? Is a playable version in the near future foreseeable? 🙂
    Ahh by the way, how long is Project Y4 intended to be, the playing time from the beginning to the end sequence, because I always thought I missed something…?


  10. Mhmm after I got bored, I came up on this map again and started from the very begin again.
    I can say this map is even more awesome if you play some fitting ambient music in the background like a few from the X-Series (Spacesimulation…game…thing…lol)

    Just awesome to enter the abandoned station with that soundtrack!


  11. another!!…

    why the bomb(generic) doesnt detonate?? i mean its timer doesnt activate??

    and maybe i know why the game crashes after you plant the bomb(intro)… the timer is maybe a factor…
    i have concluded it because when i restarted the game and begin at the start, the game had crashed after i planted the bomb(intro)…

    just suggesting..


    • No, the intro bomb crash is definitely a model artwork issue (though if it happened to you once but not another time that makes the issue even stranger). There are no “timers” involved; the unit’s hit points decay until it dies a natural death, triggering its explosive effect.

      The generic bomb is meant to be triggered by Pulse Cannon or artillery shell rather than timer. I may not have set it up quite right.


  12. and another one!!

    when i get the G1 remote unit, it says here that there is TWO paladins slaved on it… but all i saw was only one paladin… ive searched all around but i didnt found the other..

    where is the other one??


  13. ANOTHER!!

    it is always happening to me..
    my delta back-ups, which is sold in factory control, always disappear after i hack a telegraph substation..
    can you please explain why is it always disappear??


    • Shouldn’t be. Easy mode just strips off enemy hit points and reduces the ill effects of Overdrive; they still do the same amount of damage, so it can lull you into being a bit less careful.

      The game is “designed” around Normal mode, so maybe you just get it.


  14. Ahh, a new creation by the mighty RDZ. 😉
    Downloading it right now.
    The waiting was horrible but finally it’s there!
    I really like and appreciate all of your creations!


      • Uhh I dont know if it is a Bug or Feature or something, but I had to hack one of those Telegraph things and used the Speed-one.
        One of the Keys was blocked by a Turret, so I thought I could use the Blink skill to get to the encryption key but suddenly I was “out of the map”.
        I could move everywhere except on the Usual ways.


      • Well, you’re not *supposed* to be able to blink outside the walkable areas. You’ll need to blink back in again while I work out how to fix this.


      • Mhmm I just thought about 2 Things you could maybe implement or upload here.
        1. Some fitting background music for the map.
        2. Maybe a map with the names of all the annexes because I’m not really familiar with it right now and I think it will take some time to understand everything.


      • Background music is something I don’t have the ability to make personally so it’s probably not going to happen. Unfortunately the map crashes for the only musician who has shown any interest in the project. 😦

        There is an automap function accessible from the Cargo Hold — it has objective markers you can follow rather than remembering what each annex is called.


      • I found another bug, not sure if you already know that.
        If you are at a terminal where you have to put down a code and you abort it while you have written half of the code, then they will still remain on every terminal you access.
        For example, you write 011 and then press ESC without erasing the code, then you will see on every terminal you access the number 011 and if you go to another terminal where you have to put down numbers, they will surround the 011 you have written before.


      • And another bug or I do not know if it is supposed to be. When you get to the Bunker where you have to defend for 1:20 while this technician dude is downloading something you get the projector blades, eh?

        If you leave the Bunker or reenter the area after you made this quest, the event will begin again, which means:
        You have to do this event everytime you go to this bunker.
        I dont know if you get the blades everytime but I think you do.


    • Mhmm I don’t know but should the “Backpack” count as mounted device? Because I can control the Paladin of G1 without even carrying the control device as a undercarriage module. I have stored it in the backpack and it only cant be controlled when I drop it on the ground.


    • Uhm I have a suggestion for improvement you maybe could implement:
      A marker in the Objectives in the Keycode section so that you know which codes you already used. It’s a bit laborious if you don’t really know, which of all the codes you have already used.
      Maybe render them in a darker font or something like that.


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