When the Freedom Slips Away

When the Freedom Slips Away

A small expedition arrives on a tiny island, in search of land to conquer. They’re soon caught between two warring towns; a mad Lord wanting to take over the world, and another trying to stop him…

When the Freedom Slips Away is a small but action-packed singleplayer adventure for Warcraft III: the Frozen Throne, that contains elements of RPG, AoS, Tower Defence and more. It should function with any version of Warcraft III past 1.16 or so.

Note: WC3 has a problem with long filenames, so if the map doesn’t appear in the Singleplayer Custom Game lobby, try renaming the file to “WtFSA.w3x”.

If you liked WtFSA, remember to try out the sequel, This Wreckage!

When the Freedom Slips AwayWhen the Freedom Slips AwayWhen the Freedom Slips Away
When the Freedom Slips AwayWhen the Freedom Slips AwayWhen the Freedom Slips AwayWhen the Freedom Slips AwayWhen the Freedom Slips AwayWhen the Freedom Slips AwayWhen the Freedom Slips Away

34 thoughts on “When the Freedom Slips Away

  1. I’m having the same problem as other people are having. I get to the point where Lord Scheisen dies, and the cinematic just hangs forever. It’s done that four or five times now.

    Is there any way to repair this? Or is there another version of the map that would work? It’s a pity, as I really enjoyed This Wreckage and wanted to play this one.


    • I’m afraid this is it. However, I do need to do some remedial work on This Wreckage for the new patch(es), so if I get the chance I will have a look at WtFSA too.


  2. Can’t complete the Whale quest. I’ve destroyed the mushrooms without completing the main quest. Then I found murloc and found the whale figure he asked for. Next I found the white murloc and he told me to search for text. The thing is that I can’t get to the archeologist because the way is still blocked. Then I assumed that maybe if I finish the first main quest the rock will disappear. Completed the Tower Defense – still blocked. Am I missing something?
    Also the cinematic never ends when I kill the main antagonist. When his body falls to the ground no new comments would appear and it becomes infinite so I have to ctrl+alt+del wc3.
    Running the latest patch.


    • The way to the archeologist should open up if you just walk up close to the entrance, there’s a crate at the back of the dig site that will cause a tree to fall over when you get very close.

      As for the cinematic, yep, seems to be broken.


      • I mean I can’t get to them at all! Not to the scholar specifically but to this location in general. The road from the beach is still blocked by the rocks


      • Hmm, in that case I have no idea. According to my triggers, the rock blocking the dig site should die along with Lord Scheisen so you can only get to it in Chapter 2. I thought it was open all the time, my memory is going…


      • It’s not pure broken, it’s an intermittent issue; restarting the map from the beginning will likely do the job. WtFSA is now older than I care to remember, so I am not likely to perform any further development actions.


      • I started the map fresh and the cinematic still just sat there.
        I’m really sad to hear you won’t resist it, this was my favorite map in high school.


  3. i was wondering about your clue on entering the dig site, do you have any other clues? im really having a hard time finishing the whale quest


    • The whale quest is a little bit obtuse, and even my memory fails me sometimes. I’ve had to reopen the map to verify the deets…

      1. There is a crate at the back of the dig site that contains the emerald. You’ll need this later.
      2. When you step up to this crate, a tree should collapse to open the way to the hidden Scholar. Complete his quest and he’ll give you the instructions for summoning a Whale.
      3. Find the Murloc Myrmidon on the beach (his rocks open up after you’ve been to the Murloc village near Thirlmir once). Do his quest – it’s straightforward until you need to find the White Murloc. To do that, you’ll need to buy and equip a Torch, then go to the flowery spot below the Jungle Stalker nest just off the beach.
      4. Since you’ve already got the text and the Emerald, this should automatically enable the final quest requirement. Follow the instructions and bask in the glory of a benevolent elder god!


    • Look out for rocks near the barman in Thirlmir, walk to them and watch them disintegrate, then help the people beyond them. Then look out for the rocks on the beach that will have suspiciously disintegrated after that.


  4. “When the Freedom Slips Away is a small but action-packed singleplayer adventure…..”
    What a misleading statement, its a campaign inside a map 🙂
    Some think that wc3 is only good when its multiplayer. Well, this map brakes that notion for me.
    Play it to believe it.


    • If you go along to the right of where Henrik comes ashore, there is an archeological dig. The Emerald is in one of the crates, and if you follow a certain side quest chain you might find a way to use that Emerald for something good…


      • Okay, now I get it, thanks 😀 I wanted to play WtFSA fully before I started This Wreckage for like the sixth time.


  5. Thanks for leaving the map unprotected. I have finally managed to recreate your inventory system(the bag thing) in another map. Yay!


    • There’s not much too it, really. Lots of other people have used the same technique, and I certainly wasn’t the first. Not sure if I got in early enough to popularise it, though…


  6. Excuse me RDZ, I’m a bit confused. In the whale quest, I can’t find the white murloc. Do I have to wait and finish the main quest a bit, or no?


    • The White Murloc is a master of camouflage, so you’ll need to approach his garden with something to shed light on the situation (you can buy torches from Barmen, they act as shields so be careful). His garden is just off the beach, near the Jungle Stalker nest.


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