Vital Statistics

It’s a beast of a map. I wouldn’t recommend anybody trying to work on a single map with such a large dataset; World Editor isn’t so good at chugging through so many pre-defined variables. It seemed to be the triggers and the destructibles that really caused it pain, in the end.

Some of these numbers come from bits and pieces that are either left-overs from the RDZArena that didn’t make the final cut, or tiny additional things I never finished, even bits and pieces left-over from failed implementations of certain features. But considering just how high some of these numbers are, I can assure you that the amount of unused content is negligible. This Wreckage is a Very Big Map.

  • 28.7MB (unoptimised)
  • 152 x 152 playable area (Large)
  • 720 imported files (36,527KB)
  • Tileset: Sunken Ruins (Custom)
  • Map version: 11295
  • Saved with editor version: 6059

Preplaced Objects

  • 3575 destructibles
  • 8192 doodads (yes, that is the limit)
  • 310 regions
  • 229 cameras
  • 480 units
    • Mostly 288 neutral passive commoners and quest-givers.
  • 56 items


  • 247 modified standard objects
    • 42 units
    • 11 items
    • 18 destructibles
    • 82 doodads
    • 61 abilities
    • 33 buffs/effects
  • 807 custom objects
    • 213 units
      • Drakensang boasts “70 hostile enemies and monsters” on the back of its box. I think I beat them, even counting the recolours and stronger variants?
    • 193 items
      • 35 swords
      • 33 shields
      • 46 important/artefact items
      • 13 ( x2 ) stackable items
      • 23 power-ups (including instant-consumption quest reward gold boxes)
      • 30 ability/item/wish-selection dummies
    • 43 destructibles
    • 83 doodads
    • 263 abilities
      • Eighty-odd weapon effects make up the bulk of this one.
      • Plus all the dummies for the skill-selection system.
    • 10 buffs/effects


  • 775 triggers
    • Mostly cinematic/skip pairs.
  • 390 global variables
  • 55 sounds

Why This Map Requires the Expansion Pack

  • Custom terrain fog has been specified (Map Options)
  • Variable array sizes have been specified (Trigger Editor)
  • Custom destructible data have been specified (Object Editor)
  • Custom doodad data have been specified (Object Editor)
  • Custom ability data have been specified (Object Editor)
  • Custom buff/effect data have been specified (Object Editor)
  • Custom upgrade data have been specified (Object Editor)
  • Expansion-only terrain is being used
  • Expansion-only doodads/destructibles are being used
  • Expansion-only units are being used
  • Expansion-only items are being used
  • Expansion-only abilities are being used
  • Expansion-only sounds are being used
  • Expansion-only custom data values are being used (Object Editor)
  • Expansion-only trigger functions, types, or values are being used (Trigger Editor)
  • Expansion-only loading screen has been specified (Loading Screen)
  • Trigger comments are being used (Trigger Editor)
  • Custom gameplay constants have been specified (Advanced->Gameplay Constants)
  • Custom game interface has been specified (Advanced->Game Interface)
  • Trigger functions with multiple sub-functions are being used (Trigger Editor)
  • Custom light environment has been specified (Map Options)
  • Custom script code has been specified (Trigger Editor)
  • Item tables have been specified (Advanced->Item Tables)
  • Dropped items have been specified for doodads (Doodad Properties)
  • Custom water tinting color has been specified (Map Options)

7 thoughts on “Vital Statistics”

  1. One of the best single-player RPG maps I’ve ever played. I’ve played worse stand-alone games. Power to the creator.


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