This Wreckage Scoreboard

Post your end-game statistics from This Wreckage version Gamma here. Don’t be shy!

The Champion: Makazuwr32 with 2,267,161 points. He’s been had!

The Tourist: Makazuwr32 took 49 hours, 29 minutes and 37 seconds to see the entire universe and get more points than you can possibly imagine.

Sonic the Agent: Makazuwr32 sped through the land in 0 hour, 53 minutes and 42 seconds.

Feel free to comment on your run as well. Did you have loads of allies sapping your kill combos? Did you bottle out of a side-quest because of a too-tough boss? Did it take you so long because you didn’t pause the game when you went for dinner? Did you spend all night farming wild animals to rake in the gold?

If there is any suspicion of foul-play, your score will not be published and you will not be crowned Champion.

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Please do not post anything other than scoresheets at the top level here! You may, however, reply to a particular scoresheet with comments.

123 thoughts on “This Wreckage Scoreboard”

  1. My OCD has been placated, 100% playthrough finished ๐Ÿ˜€

    * 53 Quests: +10600
    * Every Single Quest: +5000
    * 13492 Gold: +6746
    * 1506 animal kills: +7530
    * 211 Crits: +4220
    * Dragonโ€™s Tooth: +3200
    * Feral Shield: +2800
    * 114 Double kills: +11400
    * 45 Triple kills: +18000
    * 32 Multi kills: +27200
    * 11 Ultra kills: +15950
    * 5 Mega kills: +11000
    * 2 Monster kills: +6200
    * 3 Beyond monster kills: +12450
    * 22 Secret Seashells: +2200 (Definitely a bug there, I know I had 23)
    * 12 Scholars: +1600
    * Erikaโ€™s Heart: +1000
    * Smooth Devil: +1000
    * Phat Lewts: +2500
    * Fanboy: +1000
    * Played the game in WC3 1.26: +4000

    Total: 155596
    Time: 9 Hours, 57 Minutes, 14 Seconds

    Conclusion: I bloody knew it! xD That darn Arthstone! Hahah. I distinctly remember reading that it was a Giant Hoax (after having spent who-knows how many hours on previous playthroughs trying to figure out its purpouse), so I figured during that last playthrough, for once I’d make our fave boi Henrik a truly unstoppable walking calamity by giving him the Level Eight Shield on top of the Dragon’s Tooth. Granted, it did work, but I completely forgot that the “Super-Powerful Artefact” came with its own quest, so yeah, that was the one that ended up triggering this second playthrough ๐Ÿ˜€
    Nevertheless, I have no regrets, finding time to replay this map is always good entertainment, which in turn is time well spent. It’s honestly a damn shame that Part 3 will most probably never come to be, but oh well, such is life :/ I guess the only thing left now is to give Exon a try and see where it leads xD
    Stay positive and good luck in any future endeavours!

    P.S. A small suggestion, if you ever find yourself tinkering with this “old relic” of a project again: it would be cool if players got some kind of a score bonus for keeping ‘all’ player-controlled units alive at the end of the final battle (by all, I of course mean Every. Single. Hero. AND Every. Single. Obtainable. Unit. That’s 7 Heroes, 6 Scholars and 1 Grint…. unless of course, I’m mistaken ๐Ÿ˜€ ). It would be something that rewards all of us perfectionists out there, because it feels like it’s just the right amount of a hard-to-achieve goal. Anyways, cheers once again, and c’ya around!

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    1. Honestly the allies were a fairly hasty addition, so the map’s not really balanced around them lasting forever. In hindsight I should probably have made them all time-limited like Anna. A lot of the tight spaces in the caves are also an absolute ballache with even one pal in tow. Ah well.

      P.S. If you keep the Arthstone until the end rather than selling it off, you do actually get some bonus points for it (as of the Gold version). Its presence is also saved into a game cache entry… just in case. Maybe it wasn’t a hoax after all? >:)

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      1. Oh no, I’ve been had! ….Again! Curse that Arthstone, it’s been over 12 (or 13) years since I first stumbled on this map and it’s still getting the better of me. You, Sir, are evil, Pure! Evil! xD Oh well, hats off to you for finding ways to mess around with the players even after all this time ๐Ÿ˜€

        As for the allies, it really is a “love them or hate them” – type of deal no matter how you look at it. Personally I do their acquisition quests at the very end after I’ve already done 90+% of the map solo simply because I find it easier to manage/navigate. ยฏ\_(ใƒ„)_/ยฏ To each their own though, in general, it is nice having the option.

        Ah well, good times regardless, it’s about time I stop nagging you in this “ancient” thread, and just move on until nostalgia hits again xD

        Cheers and good luck!


  2. Well, nostalgia hit again, and I figured after all this time lurking, I should finally post a score, modest as it is. So without further ado:

    * 52 Quests: +10400
    * 3871 Gold: +1935
    * 11353 animal kills: +9265
    * 257 Crits: +5140
    * Dragon’s Tooth: +3200
    * Level Eight Shield: +3200
    * 144 Double kills: +14400
    * 43 Triple kills: +17200
    * 20 Multi kills: +17000
    * 8 Ultra kills: 11600
    * 3 Mega kills: 6600
    * 0 Monster kills
    * 1 Beyond monster kill: +4150
    * 22 Secret Seashells: +2200 (Weird, I know I had 23 of them)
    * 12 Scholars: +1600
    * Erika’s Heart: +1000
    * Smooth Devil: +1000
    * Phat Lewts: +2500
    * Fanboy: +1000
    * Played the game in WC3 1.26: +4000 (cute touch, gave me a good chuckle โค xD)

    Total: 117390
    Duration: 11 Hours, 39 Minutes, 50 Seconds

    Conclusion: Every bit as good as I remember it. I went in completely blind aiming simply to see (clear) everything and was downright surprised when I didn't see the secret ending. Only when I saw other people's scores and RDZ's Post Mortem comments did I realise I somehow missed one quest, and now it's going to eat my mind out until I find time to once again replay it and figure out which one it was, maybe even open the quest guide, hahah.
    Cheers to this absolute masterpiece!


    1. My original baseline scores were about 60k so you may think 100k is modest, but honestly, it’s very good. Of course what really matters is that you had fun, and it sounds like you did. โค


      1. Hahah, always bro, replaying this remains one of those guilty pleasures where you just KNOW youโ€™re going to disappear from the world for anywhere in the range of 6-16 hours the moment you start it up, and considering how lengthy it tends to be, I am genuinely surprised I played through it in one sitting this time, thatโ€™s never happened before xD
        Anyways, I think I realised which quest I missed, and if it really turns out to be what I think it is, oooh boy, youโ€™re reeeally gonna get some โ€œhateโ€ coming your way, because that would be just evil ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€
        (Of course Iโ€™m stubbornly not consulting the quest guide, because honour is at stake at this point, hahahah)
        Cheers for now, new score will be postedโ€ฆ wellโ€ฆ whenever I replay it next ๐Ÿ˜€

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  3. 97740 final score, 52 quests, how many quests are there? im pretty sure i missed one special agent quest (you can see that in the end cutscene), is that the one with whalehunters? I didn’t get how to enter that location


    1. You mean the one on the mountain, near the cave entrance? It’s given by the Special Agent in their secret town, yes — you need to go back to him some time after completing his previous quest and/or near the endgame.


  4. 51 quests, 1874 gold (I bought ancient bulwarks for everybody before the end fight lol!), 2146 animals, 187 crits, Dragon’s Tooth, Ancient Bulwark, 146 doubles, 57 triples, 9 multis, 2 ultras, 17 seashells, all 12 scholars, Erika’s Heart+Smooth Devil, Bloody Fanboy

    85857 pts (9h 34m 22s)

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  5. Hooly hell, the top score is more than 2 million points, wtf! And here I was making sure I got all the secrets.

    Total score: 86457
    9 hours, 34 minutes and 17 seconds.

    I played this map before, back in 2014 IIRC, and wanted to do it again. It remains one of the best SP maps of WC3: the characters are welll made; the dialog is very good (I’m still laughing with the one where you give the Arthstone to the Keeper of Secrets); the “grind” – for lack of a better word – for quests, items and secrets pumps you and keeps you going.

    While I’m here were 2 minor isuues that bothered me little bit, altough I believe they are caused by the recent updates to WC3, because I don’t remember dealing with them back when I last played this map:
    1 – during most (to not say all) cinematics, you could hear the sound of the 2 Agents in jungle hitting the practice targets as if the camera was next to them;
    2 – in the end cinematic, it only played the first 5-6 second of This Wreckage (the song), and then no sound afterwards, which was a bit anticlimatic.

    Nevertheless, thank you very much!


    1. Don’t worry, the 2-million pointers took a lot of dedicated effort. A score of around 80k is extremely respectable and about the limit that a normal human being playing normally is expected to get!

      That’s a real shame about the music. Yes, I have not tested the map on the latest patches — I’m basically waiting for Reforged to drop before I do any remedial work, as the state of the intermediate patches is still quite in flux.


  6. Played it again for the good old times, didnt regret a bit, it was so much fun. Final score was 64057, in 11h 27min, would be better if I managed to get monster combo or higher… Still, it was great, great I say, best maps i played were this one and WTFSA. Just loved it!
    P.S. Pls, if u can, answer me (if not here, email me, im really curious) :
    1, What was that ****ing Arthstone’s purpose anyway? Could i do something with it, other than sell it for gold?
    2. Who, or what, was that mechanical scorpid that followed Five on cinematic? Is there a sequel idk about?
    3. And what happened to my crew, why no cinematic about that? And the pig? Did he went, maybe, with those pigs that were near the portal? Hope the poor guy finally found his home somewhere ๐Ÿ™‚


    1. 1. It’s been something like 8 years since I first released the map, so it’s probably safe enough to admit in public that the Arthstone is a huge hoax. All you can do is sell it. (I didn’t even save its status to gamecache so I could retroactively refer to it… this is a mistake I will not repeat.)
      2. There were plans for a sequel but they never emerged. By the end of This Wreckage I realised that it was a trilogy, but while I know how the third part ends I have still not been able to come up with a middle (or even a start) that works. It’s all still in my head (and in pages of written notes), so maybe one day?
      3. Your crew all lived happily ever after! The pig joined a new expedition into the heart of the new continent, in hopes of finding his ancestral home and the reason for his intelligence compared to other pigs. (He was going to grow up into a Razormane and you’d swap flail heads instead of swords, but nothing much came of that plan.) The others… well, they’d all have turned up in part 3, right?

      Glad to hear that it’s still fun for all the family. โค


      1. Thanks a lot man! I wish u happy holidays and i would really love to play 3rd part of Henrik’s adventures next year ๐Ÿ™‚ Hope u finish it soon, really cant wait to see what happens next… its been a long time, it would be refreshing ๐Ÿ˜‰


      2. A… huge…. hoax….
        One simply HAS TO appreciate this, hahaha, not even feeling sorry for all that time spent scouring the map hoping for something to click ๐Ÿ˜€
        I do however, wish I opened this thread before I finished my nostalgia-fueled replay barely an hour ago, would have saved me some time, hahaha (yes, I was still searching for a purpose in that thing).
        Anyway, cheers, I know I’ve never posted before, but I have been a fan for quite some time now (still remember the hype when Project Y4 was first released, hahaha), and I just figured I’d finally take the time to say it, stellar work, simply amazing, all this time since its release and it’s still among the absolute best of the best. Cheers to you mate, oh and, fingers crossed on that sequel, now that would DEFINITELY be something to look forward to! ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€

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  7. Alright, this is my second replay, 11hr and a half, and 85,600 score in the end.

    About the map….honestly this is the greatest warcraft III map ever created, I’m even donwplaying this. Great story, great characters, awesome secrets, dialogue, missions, and the layout of the map is beautiful. 11/10

    I can’t imagine how many hundreds of hours it took but damn, Rao Dao Zao you’ve created a game withing a game, awesome RPG man!

    It’s a masterpiece of war 3 maps, I’ll definitely show it to my children one day… probably in a decade, nuff said.


    1. I made it over the course of about 12 months first then 6 for the updated version, but that was slotted around being in uni and playing other games… Yeah, it probably did take hundreds of hours. I’m glad it shows!


  8. My final score was 62206 and I wish to thank you for such a great map!!! I’d really love if I ever happen to see another adventure of brave Henrick. The only question is (forgive me if I’m stupid) what are the shells meant for? I mean it was said that “I should stand with them between two rows of three pillars”, the place where I can make a wish (am I right?), and so what? Nothing happened for me =/


  9. 53 quests – 10600 points
    every single quest – 5000
    29974 gold – 14987
    killed 1755 wild animals – 8775
    scored 171 critical attacks – 3420
    final weapon dragon tooth – 3200
    final shield feral shield – 2800
    125 double kills – 12500
    28 triple kills – 11200
    13 multi kills – 11050
    6 ultra – 8700
    3 mega kills – 6600
    4 monster – 12400
    1 combo beyond monster – 4150
    22 secret seashells – 2200
    found all twelwe scholars – 1200
    won erika’s heart – 1000
    gave erika a huge diamond – 1000
    attended all AJW shows – 1000

    total score 122182
    time: 10h 29m

    great map, I wasted half of the time running randomly ๐Ÿ˜› and didn’t know that the combos would give more score haha, I think I would get twice as much points in half the time if I played a second run ๐Ÿ™‚

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    1. To be honest, when the map was first out I expected a ‘high’ score to be about 60,000. So, uh, don’t beat yourself up, anything over 100,000 is pretty damn good!


  10. Hey RDZ, not sure if you still pay attention to this, but I am going to play the game through again today most likely ๐Ÿ˜€

    I’m kinda on a RPG marathon right now, and I remembered this gorgeous game exists.


    1. My last blog post might have been three weeks ago now, but I am very much still in charge here. They’ll have to prise it from my cold, dead hands etc etc etc. On the other hand, keep the scoreboard clean and put comments like this on the main page please! ๐Ÿ™‚


  11. finally completed that game……………
    nice map dude here are the stats
    53 quests +10600
    gold {5308} +2654
    1720 animals +8600
    117 criticals +2340
    final weapon : dragons tooth +3200
    final shield : ancient bulwark +2800(feral shield was with uralon at end never saw my bad)
    70 double kills +7000
    32 triple kills +12800
    22 multi kills +18700
    14 ultra kills +20300
    7 mega kills +15400
    13 monster kills +40300
    33 above monster kills +136950
    21 secret sea shells +2100
    copmleted all missions +5000
    met all 12 scholars +1200
    Erika’s heart +1000
    gave Erika the huge diamond +1000
    found all 4 phat lewts +2500
    attended all Anthony James concerts
    Total = 295844
    total time taken = 9 hours,4 minutes,36 seconds


  12. Hello Rao Dao Zao!
    Let me put my modest and average results here. To be honest, I didn’t expected their emersion and didn’t managed to write down all of them. Anyway:
    53 quests +10600
    All quests +5000
    94 Crits +51880
    Dragons Tooth +3200
    Feral Shield +2800
    106 double kills +10600
    36 triple kills +14400
    14 MUlti kills
    7 Ultra kills
    5 mega kills
    4 monster kills
    2 beyond monster kills
    12 scholars +1200
    Erikas Heart +1000
    Sly Devil +1000
    Phat Lewts +2500
    Fanboy +1000
    21 Secret Seashell +2100 (for sure – I got 22 – I dunno why its 21 in the end)
    Result: 114137 points for 9 hours 33 minutes and 07 seconds.

    I think it’s really an average result for them who like to feel the map, watch all videos and try to pass the game completely. I’ve got just one question after reading a lot of posts on this site (plus about 2 hours to time))) – is the Arthstone secret is still not opened and the hint about misterous murgul dealer is true? Is it real to comprehend this secret to player or it’s hidden too well hidden?

    Also it will be very nice to know the Henrick story after This wreckage – of cousre I understand the efforts about it but I will be really glad just to read some words about his life in your mind – he’s really a character and for all fans of your maps the story about him can be a nice nostalgia and nice gift – what do you think about it?) Maybe it is already in some posts of your blog – future life of Henrick – I just didn’t find it…

    I would really like to thank you for this map! It is just perfect and such a enormous work…I played a lot of RPG maps for war3 and this is my favorite now for singleplayer – (but I’ve not played the prequel yet – I will do it for sure (for multiplayer I can claim that Guilds of Hyppos is my favorite).
    In the modern world there games are released every day, every week top 100 games in steam are changed and every year WoW’s players are crying about the next addon – you map remains the perfect choice to play! I’ll reccomend it to my friends who are fans of War3=)

    Best regards,


    1. Sometimes I wonder if people are put off posting their scores by the multi-million-point hilarity going on here, but I’m just as glad to hear about ‘normal’ people enjoying the map as it was meant to be! ๐Ÿ™‚

      Henrik’s life afterwards is still quite in flux and I’ve not actually mentioned it in the blog, any more than that I have a load of ideas and some broad threads (and three possible endings!). The main thing is that he will come into conflict with the monstrous mechanised scorpid that appears in the all-quests bonus epilogue. The fate of the world will hang in the balance, of course — because that scorpid has her own ideas about how the very fabric of the universe should be organised…

      There is no secret Mur’gul drug dealer, the only dealer is the Tyrant you kill on your way through. The Arthstone, well, let’s just say it’s only useful for selling to get all that delicious gold. ๐Ÿ˜‰


      1. Rao Dao Zao, thank you for your prompt and detailed response! Fur sure, I will wait for Henricks future life! I’m confidient – not only me;)
        Good luck in your creative job!
        Best regards,


  13. Another record. just a lot of points.

    โ€“ 53 quests +10600
    โ€“ All quests +5000
    โ€“ 67273 gold +33636
    โ€“ 4591 Animals +22955
    โ€“ 291 Crits +5820
    โ€“ Dragons Tooth +3200
    โ€“ Feral Shield +2800
    โ€“ 89 double kills +17800
    โ€“ 27 triple kills +10800
    โ€“ 0 MUlti KIlls +0
    โ€“ 0 Ultra Kills +0
    โ€“ 0 mega kills +0
    โ€“ 0 monster kills +0
    โ€“ 517 beyond monster kills +2145550
    โ€“ 12 scholars +1200
    โ€“ Erikas Heart +1000
    โ€“ Sly Devil +1000
    โ€“ Phat Lewts +2500
    โ€“ Fanboy +1000
    -23 Secret Seashell +2300

    Result: 2267161 ptsโ€ฆ for 49 hours 29 minutes and 37 secondsโ€ฆ.

    That was a lot of gaming. Still i didn’t found that mugrul dealer.
    I don’t know what to comment here – just a lot of playing.

    Sleepyskipi are you still alive? how are you doing?


      1. 49 hours, wow. You’re insane!

        No, I haven’t had a chance to try Daemonic Sword yet. Been busy working on my own game. ๐Ÿ˜‰


    1. Hello
      I’mnot careful for a few months and this is what happens ?! ๐Ÿ˜€
      I must say i had my mind blown a few minutes ago, when i saw another three times crowned champion, a 50 hours long run and more than 500 combos beyond ;). Still, i’m really glad i came and visit : now i have a new map i want to try asap, and i know there is game i’ll definitely look forward to try ๐Ÿ˜‰

      I made a little brake to not grow tired of the map : especially, last times i tried, i couldn’t manage to get the Erika wish, wich confused me a bit (i hadn’t done any quest for her, wich might be the problem, but back then i didn’t have the courage to look for what had to be done)
      As usual, I learned quite a few things from the different posts, so thanks a lot, Makazuwr32 ๐Ÿ˜‰ Currently, i’m doing fine, but have a lot of work (got into the school i wanted in september, so i don’t want to mess things up :D), so i won’t have much time to beat your time ๐Ÿ˜‰ (especially if i try Daemonic Sword, it seems)

      And about the murghul dealer : i’m sorry if you looked for him seriously, i forgot about i talked about him : i apologize, it’s a little joke i had with my brother a long time ago, about the magic mushrooms and the Ashstone. Mushrooms always seemed to be some kind of drugs, but if there is drugs, there must be a dealer. Then, one use of the Ahrstone would be togive it to the dealer, so he use it to make some kind of powder (POWERFUL powder from a powerful artefact). Oddly enough, i never managed to find him ๐Ÿ˜ฆ
      I hope you didn’t spend much time searching (what, 49 hours and 29 minutes spent looking for him ? I’m sorryyyyyyy :p)

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    2. Could you please tell me what did you do to get sly devil and Phat Lewts ? And also, am I right that you received fanboy for choosing sequel?


      1. Bloody Fanboy is for attending all of Anthony James Webb’s concerts. Smooth Devil is giving Erika a diamond (after a point in her quest chain where she’d realistically accept a gift like that). Phat Lewts are… well… they’re a scam, don’t worry about them.


  14. Hello there!

    I’m Subzero’s brother and i bet down the speed run record here! (i also studied this awesome map a lot with Subzero’s help)

    AK – Ancient Knowledge

    To the numbers:

    โ€“ 22 quest +4200
    โ€“ 133 gold +66
    โ€“ 283 Animals +1415
    โ€“ 22 Crits +440
    โ€“ Sapphire sword +2800 (dragon tooth i gave to AK because i think it gives an attack speed boost also and buffed AK with this sword gave A LOT of stun)
    โ€“ Feral shield +2800 (i just can’t resist not to kill and take such a beautiful shield)
    โ€“ 11 double kills +1100
    โ€“ 0 triple kills +0
    โ€“ 0 MUlti KIlls +0
    โ€“ 0 Ultra Kills +0
    โ€“ 0 mega kills +0
    โ€“ 0 monster kills +0
    โ€“ 19 beyond monster kills +78850
    โ€“ 2 scholars +200 (red scholar because of AK and blue scholar because of ancient texts)
    โ€“ 15 Secret Seashell +1500
    โ€“ Erikas Heart +1000
    โ€“ Sly Devil +1000
    total โ€“ 95191 points in 53 minutes and 42 seconds.

    First i must say that this map is second best map i’ve ever played. (first is Daemonic Sword because of 2 story lines for good and evil and third is “When the Freedom Slips away”)
    And to the run:
    1. I don’t like both rage and power spells (third tier choise) and instead i desided to take spell shield. (i must say that i always love this spell no matter what map). and because of that i after that moment didn’t need at all healing potions and all healing potions i instead gave to AK thus gaining additional slot for something more useful. and when AK had more than 15 potions i stacked them to backpacks por selling.
    2. those wands (even reanimation) are so great! in the battle against final fallen stones (i think 5’th) i reanimated obsidian warriors he sent and they were awesome! before this battle i had about 300 frost and fire wands and about 90 reanimation wands. they helped a lot! i instead of my spark just used agains Five my wands. that was something.
    3. I also didn’t take any of whales in the center square and when i needed i gained 2 double strike in a row! (one for henrik and one for AK)
    4. i also was luck enough to do 2 quests of culling (jungle brutes and turtles) and instead of starfall shield get another (forgot its name) with +22 to protection while doing beyond monster kills

    and one last thing: Subzero tired a bit of this map and for now he won’t play it for a while. and instead of his my records will be on the top ๐Ÿ˜›


    1. I’m not surprised he’s a bit tired, he’s played it waaay harder than I ever expected anyone to play it! He deserves a rest, damn right. ๐Ÿ˜‰

      Hmm, I’ve never heard of Daemonic Sword! Is it also a singleplayer RPG? If so, I’d love to check it out.


      1. You could play it either solo or whit another 9 players. but i must warn you: this map is WAAAY too long. it is much longer than any of your maps. there’s fusion of items, a lot of experience, new skills (Speechcraft, Forging, thievery, fishing and housing) and system of saiving your hero and then loading in a new game.
        but you can’t save it with normal warcraft methods.
        it saves your levels (also in those new skills) and items in your inventory and bank.
        and last thing: instead of 1 hero there’s 10 Daemonic heroes, 1 kindom hero and 3 evil heroes. and in one game you can complete for any of them both storylines.


      2. i think that 15-20 hours is normal time for completing game from the beggining. from 1 level to the 400. when you don’t know anything about it.


  15. Wellโ€ฆ another Speedrun Record:
    โ€“ 22 quests +4400
    โ€“ 253 gold +126
    โ€“ 271 Animals +1355
    โ€“ 19 Crits +380
    โ€“ Saphire sword +2800 (because of mana)
    โ€“ Feral shield +2800
    โ€“ 16 double kills +1600
    โ€“ 1 triple kills +400
    โ€“ 0 MUlti KIlls +0
    โ€“ 0 Ultra Kills +0
    โ€“ 0 mega kills +0
    โ€“ 0 monster kills +0
    โ€“ 17 beyond monster kills +70550
    โ€“ 3 scholars +300
    โ€“ 16 Secret Seashell +200
    โ€“ Erikas Heart +1000
    โ€“ Sly Devil +1000
    total โ€“ 88311 points
    in 0 hours, 59 minutes and 16 seconds.
    I used all my technics that i wrote before but instead of buying lots of stones i bought lots of fire wands and a few rocks. in total before final battle (after moment when i gave diamond to erika at almost final) i had 40 rocks and 200 (in total) frost and fire wands.

    I was luck in that run in 3 times: speed whale figurine in first escort quest, 2 frost wands just before first falling stones (it saved me about minute) and a lot of gold pyramids (i think more than 15) while i farmed lvl with beyond monster kills. (with it i could afford to get starfall shield that gaves a lot of protection (+20 and evasion chance) from the beggining and because of that be more tanky, speedy and less careful in a few moments later)

    I donโ€™t know how you, Sleepyskipi, could beat this, unless you find use for a ashstone thatโ€™ll be even more powerful than wands (and theyโ€™re extremly powerful because they havee no cooldouwn and you could spam them)


  16. Hello !
    Here is a run I started a while ago. I probably won’t do another one like this before long, as i enjoy more speedruns than some complete running around, but it’s still very nice to take the time to follow the storyline and look for the secrets once in a while ๐Ÿ˜‰

    – 53 quests : + 10600
    – all quests : + 5000
    – 105108 gold : + 52554
    – 2954 animals : + 14770
    – 269 crits : + 5380
    – no weapon : + 0
    – no shield : + 0
    ( i wanted to see what would happen … I don’t really know what i expected :D)

    – 111 double kills : + 11100
    – 41 triple kills : + 16400
    – 35 multi kills : + 29750
    – 18 ultra kills : + 26100
    – 8 monster kills : + 24800
    – 211 beyond monster kills : 875650

    – 23 secret seashells : + 2300
    (i’m pretty sure i had 24, but it’s not really important)
    – all 12 scholars : + 1200
    – Erika’s heart : + 1000
    – smooth devil : + 1000
    – phat lewts : + 2500
    – fanboy : + 1000

    total score : 1116704
    time : 25h43m8s

    There isn’t much to say : i farmed combos a lot, saved up some gold, and forgot to pause the game a few times. I decided to end it when the map started to show signs of tiredness : less fps, as well as some graphic problems (some pictures of items or caracters disapearing, for example).
    So, that was my contribution to improve those scores, now back to the real one ๐Ÿ˜€ (i have yet to beat my own quickest time, so it’s going to take some time …)


    1. Wow, you are the new Champion!

      Not sure about just leaving the game running though; to rack up time you should at least be pretending to do something… But I’ll let it slide because I like you. ๐Ÿ˜‰


      1. How nice of you ๐Ÿ˜‰
        Actually, i was aiming for the score in this game, the time came as a bonus. I thought it would be 18 or 20 hours long, not 25. And since i spent some of this time afk, i wouldn’t mind at all if you decided to only count the score. I’m more interested in the shortest time than in the longest one ๐Ÿ™‚
        But it still feels nice to be back in the scoreboard ๐Ÿ˜€


  17. Sleepyskipi, i beat you again in a fast run!
    โ€“ 22 quests +4400
    โ€“ 118 gold +59
    โ€“ 327 Animals +1635
    โ€“ 20 Crits +400
    โ€“ Saphire sword +2800 (because of mana)
    โ€“ Feral shield +2800
    โ€“ 8 double kills +800
    โ€“ 3 triple kills +1200
    โ€“ 0 MUlti KIlls +0
    โ€“ 0 Ultra Kills +0
    โ€“ 0 mega kills +0
    โ€“ 0 monster kills +0
    โ€“ 18 beyond monster kills +74700
    โ€“ 2 scholars +200
    โ€“ 16 Secret Seashell +200
    โ€“ Erikas Heart +1000
    โ€“ Sly Devil +1000
    total – 91194 points
    in 1 hour 3 minutes and 19 seconds
    I only did red scholar’s quests (because buffed ancient knowledge + enchanted mace from gnoll warden gives a lot of stun. approximately half of stun was by that thing) and also i did quest with a portal because i need that rock-like guy. his spell is extremly good!
    and one more thing – before i needed to escort from the coast i never take any of whale figures there. and because of that when i needed that i got a speed buff.
    about 60 rocks, 80 greater mana potions (60 to henrik and 20 to that rock guy) and no potions i needed for that. second thing is that i got a wish and i wished for a thrue love and because of that i didn’t needed to complete erika’s quests to give her a diamond in final and fight with Five with my own powers. dragon tooth i gave to the rock guy because i needed a better mana regeneration for henrik. and Sleepyskipi thank you for a little hint about game speed. that helped a lot.
    Try to beat it!


      1. thanks! ๐Ÿ™‚
        It was about 73 or 76 times before i bet that record… i almost beat your previous record, sleepyskipi, when you posted new. and today twice: first was final testing of the run (1h 9m & a few sec…) and then final try.
        and i must say those fireball wands do really huge amount of damage & i think about 40% of Five’s health was destroyed by them (of course while he was in perma stan by Ancient knowledge, rock guy and a huge amount of rocks)


      2. Well, Five is perhaps overly difficult when played “straight”, so it’s only fair that he can be brutally exploited with imbalanced items!


    1. Ah! More than 10 min faster, I’m speechless ๐Ÿ˜‰
      And doing it your way ๐Ÿ˜€
      You’re welcome for the speed game thing, i can understand it was of use to control your companions. Still, i’ll most likely not try to get them, or maybe just the gnoll, in order to keep using the invisibility to avoid fights as much as possible.
      Thanks for the tips about fireball wands (i usually had one or two spare wands, but was never careful about how much damage they dealt) and the wish thing (i didn’t know it could work out that way, proof that i still have things to discover in this map :D). Getting the Dragon Tooth would definitely make Five fall faster.
      So, be sure that i’ll try, confident in this new knowledge i just acquired, to finish it even faster ! (the aim is below 1 hour, and i’m not entirely kidding ;)). But it’ll most likely take quite a few run, in order to find the quickest seashells to get, and to see how the gold should be used
      One last thing : i don’t know if you are already doing it, but i’m planning to use the arrows to zoom away from Henrick when farming combos. I haven’t tried it yet, but it should save up some time, by avoiding some running around.


      1. i only get companions near end, right before i need to escort guys with explosives to the north cave. i usually get 30 level to that moment.
        and fireball wands do very good splash damage (it helps a lot in fight with fallen stones 5′ minions…)
        and one last thing (i don’t know do you know it already or not): in the cave in the biggest and seem to be empty room you can get +5 permanent stats for henrik. also helpes a bit.


    2. guys dunno if this would help in speedrun (and if it still works) but at the time when youre about to fight five, and erika is at the top part of the map, giving you the dragon’s tooth, try this time to give erika the diamond. you both will be teleported at the base. the usual dialogue will play and after that, what is important is that u are at the base. to enter the center area you will have to come from the right gate instead of from the top. this wont activate the trigger that enables the fight of five and will keep five as a neutral creep. and you know what it means after that.


  18. Hello again
    Here is the improvement i was talking about ^^
    This one will probably be tricky to beat :

    โ€“ 18 quests : 3600
    โ€“ 98 gold : 49
    โ€“ rune blade : 2800
    โ€“ night shield : 2000

    โ€“ 35 crits : 700
    โ€“ 299 animals : 1495
    โ€“ 16 double kills : 1600
    โ€“ 6 triple kills : 2400
    โ€“ 3 multi kills : 2550
    โ€“ 1 ultra kills : 1450
    โ€“ 1 mega kills : 2200
    โ€“ 0 monster kills : 0
    โ€“ 20 combos beyond monster kill : 83000

    โ€“ 12 scholars : 1200

    total score : 105044
    time : 1 hours, 16 minutes, 35 secondes

    I did what i described in my last post : set the game in slow speed, to reduce the time in shopping ans improve the micro. i also got the night shield, which is really awesome to bring down bosses (500 damage + 20armor reduction is no joke, and it doesn’t even cost mana). In addition, i also saved the game a few times, in order to be able to take more risks (finish a boss fight with 17hp to save a potion, for exemple, same with the combos at the beginning).
    I got especially lucky at two specific moments : got a speed whale for the first cart escort, when the boots are not available yet, and got an invis whale just before opening the western gate, which allowed me to the bandits 3000 gold before having the book of revelation. Thus, i could start stacking rocks earlier, and had enough of them to chain stun Five to death (approximately 52 rocks are needed if you have rust, rage, illusion, the night shield, the war scholars, and if you do chain the stun and manage well the cd, which is a lot easier in slow speed).

    That’s why i believe that’s close to the best i can do now, considering my current knowledge of the map mechanics and exploits ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Now, i’ll most likely go back to a less speedy gameplay, and see if the book doesn’t reveal, by any chance, some hidden caracter, who would be interested in powerful artefacts ๐Ÿ˜€

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      1. Thanks a lot !
        But all i did was play the map ;), your work is the one thing awesome ๐Ÿ˜€


  19. Hello
    After hearing about using the Book (with a big B), i wanted to give it a try. It’s amazing. I didn’t remember it had a skill to turn you invisible ( I only remembered the heal and invulnerability, which are useful, but situational), but it’s the one skill that save a lot of time, allowing you to skip several painful battles.

    โ€“ 16 quests : 3200
    โ€“ 246 gold : 123
    โ€“ rune blade : 2800
    โ€“ shield of fire : 1200

    โ€“ 55 crits : 1100
    โ€“ 346 animals : 1730
    โ€“ 14 double kills : 1400
    โ€“ 5 triple kills : 2000
    โ€“ 8 multi kills : 3400
    โ€“ 2 ultra kills : 2900
    โ€“ 1 mega kills : 2200
    โ€“ 5 monster kills : 15500
    โ€“ 17 combos beyond monster kill : 70550

    โ€“ 8 scholars : 800

    total score : 108903
    time : 1 hours, 40 minutes, 42 secondes

    As i said, the main difference from my previous run was the book of brillant things, and especially the invisible skill. I got the book after defeating the 1st 3 obsidian warriors in the mountain. After that, you can avoid all the other obsidian warriors, as well as the red grunt, to access directly to the red dragon, which gives the object to get the rune blade. it does save time and potions. I also used it to go and grab the gold in the bandit stronghold, in the western jungle : it’s 3000 gold without any fighting. Lastly, I used it when escaping the mountain : right after defeating a group of red warriors, you can turn invisible and avoid many fights (the 2 demons, fire and ice, coming from behind, the feral machine, as well as the 3 groups of ennemy after the bridge). The funny part is, since i usually got my lvl 30 during these fights, i never reached it in this rune (i was barely lvl 29 when the final boss died).
    At first, this was a test run, to see what could be done with the book, so i also tried a few other things : against Five, i used the shield of fire (return 50% damage), hoping it would work with my image. I think it doesn’t work, and the damage wouldn’t be worth it anyway : i nearly ran out of health potions because of the low armor. I also tried again to deal with Five without the scholars, but it does take an awful amount of time. Lastly, i changed the game pace (never thought of it before : it’s set on fast by default, but can be set on slow…). I only did this atthe beginning of the mountain escape, but i’m pretty sure it can save a lot of time in a whole run, especially when shopping or giving several quests items. It also make the micro way easier, especially swapping items in the backpack to use against bosses. Last thing, i was thinking of finding a quick way to get a specific shield, the one with armor reduction, in order to bring Five down faster. But apparently, the purple tree which drops it won’t spawn unless the lost captain camp is set, and i didn’t do this quest this time.

    In short, there is still room for improvement ๐Ÿ™‚

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    1. Room for improvement? You’ve just found a whole heap of exploits I never even considered! On the one hand, I’m fascinated — on the other, I’m horrified by the ever-increasing number of holes in my design!

      For the avoidance of doubt, though, I love you guys. Seeing another insane score or completion time come up in my e-mail inbox always warms my heart. ๐Ÿ™‚


      1. Ah, so nicely said ๐Ÿ˜‰
        Thanks to you in the first place for this (these ^^) insane maps
        Besides, i don’t really consider your work has holes or anything (it’s too good for that) ๐Ÿ™‚


  20. finally i beat it…
    โ€“ 22 quests +4400
    โ€“ 1676 gold +838
    โ€“ 516 Animals +2580
    โ€“ 26 Crits +520
    โ€“ Emerald sword +2800
    โ€“ Level Eight Shield +3200
    โ€“ 28 double kills +2800
    โ€“ 14 triple kills +5600
    โ€“ 5 MUlti KIlls +4250
    โ€“ 8 Ultra Kills +11600
    โ€“ 3 mega kills +6600
    โ€“ 3 monster kills +9300
    โ€“ 17 beyond monster kills +70550
    โ€“ 4 scholars +400
    โ€“ 16 Secret Seashell +1600
    in 1 hour 47 minutes and 49 seconds..


    1. if i hadn’t bought the book (forgot all name; with invurability, invisibility, true sight and regeneration) i i’d lose final battle… and i battled solo, without companions and without saves. if i lost that then i needed to start map from the beginning…


    2. Hey, well done ! I never thought about trying to go for the book to help against the boss (same for the emerauld sword) …
      I would always spend all the gold in stones and potions, relying on the scholars to deal with him. Maybe i’ll give it a try someday, but i fear i’m not familiar enough with the seashells to quickly gather enough to get the shield.
      Still, i’m not giving up ๐Ÿ˜‰

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  21. Hello ! I’m back ^^
    I wanted to make another speedrun of the map, because i knew the previous one could be improved. For exemple, i took some more time at the beginning to farm levels, so i could beat bosses more quickly while spending less potions. I also did very few sidequests, to save some time. Here is the result :

    – 19 quests : 3800
    – 45 gold : 22
    – rune blade : 2800
    – feral shield : 2800

    – 74 crits : 1480
    – 491 animals : 2455
    – 30 double kills : 3000
    – 14 triple kills : 5600
    – 8 multi kills : 6800
    – 3 mega kills : 6600
    – 4 monster kills : 12400
    – 16 combos beyond monster kill : 66400

    – all 12 scholars : 1200
    (and no seashells ^^)

    total score : 118657
    time : 1 hours, 53 minutes, 15 secondes
    (I wanted to try and do it under 2 hours : actually, this is the 2nd run since the last one, the other one was in 2 hours and 10 min if I remember correctly)

    There isn’t many differences between this run and the one below. I was lucky about where and when the animals appeared, which allowed really fast leveling. I was also lucky about the items dropped (lots of potions/rocks/gold). I also used more spells like emprison, ice staff and so on, to bring down fallen stones.
    The main improvements were :
    – i waited to the boots of speed before helping the lost captain. Thus, i could walk him to his camp really quickly, as well as defeat the rock golem quite easily.
    – i didn’t do Erika’s sidequests to have the light ring. That saved a lot of time, as well as the gold otherwise spent to buy the ring. The drawback is, going through the mountain without light is a bit tricky, but it can be done (turning on healthbar helps to spot and target ennemis. Still, i would advise to always show healthbar anyway).
    – i kind of abused the tribal shield active to go through the mountain : i always reach it at lvl 24-5, with the iron mass and the tribal shield, so the obsidian guards just tear me down in a regular fight. Before, i killed them by running around while spamming 1st spell, but it took time, lots of mana, and they still ended up hiting me a few times. Now, if there is only one (or two) of them, you can lure him in the corner of a room, entangle him with tribal shield, then run away : he will stay in his corner, not bothering you.

    Now, about what i tried (in another run), but didn’t work
    – not finding the scholars :it saves time (especially for the one in the lost captain’s town), but the help provided to bring down Five quickly/before you run out of rocks is just invaluable.
    – taking other spells than rust bolt / replicate : rust is too good against bosses, and allows you to regain health really quickly once you have the rune blade. The image created by replicate is fully ready for batlle right from lvl 1 (i’m betwenn lvl 25 and 27 when i go find Five in the mountain), while the other 2 need more levels to be effective. Besides, the dogs aren’t that tanky, and the spirit can’t really deal any significant damage.
    – doing what’s necessary to be granted a wish, and take the shield : it just take way too much time.

    Well, just noticed that it was another very long comment. I apologize, for that and for any mistake (i’m still french ;))
    I wanted to thank you again, RDZ, always a pleasure to play your maps (definitely among the best i’ve played). I justhave one question : how is xp earned after a combo calculated ? I can’t figure whether the xp bonus is a raw bonus based on the number of kill in the combo, or if it’s some kind of multiplier (for exemple, if it’s something like you take all the xp earned during the combo, then multiply it by the number of kills…). Or something esle.

    Oh, and i figured out what to do with the Arthstone : you have to give it to the murghul dealer, so he can grind it and make powerful powder, and then ……. sorry ^^
    Still, i tried to give it to the scholar, but he only wants ancient texts, not artefacts … And Erika doesn’t want to try her newly acquired enchant skills on it … (these were my 2 best hopes)
    But i don’t give up ๐Ÿ™‚


    1. Wow, that’s dedication.

      XP for combos are just a flat reward that doubles for each level: 16, 32, 64, etc up to 1024 for a Holy Shit. No multipliers, so no way to abuse it!


      1. fast as usual ^^
        thanks for explaination. But does that means that killing 12 animals in a row will give the same bonus as killing “only” 8 ?


      2. Yep. The system caps out at Holy Shit and just repeats that over and over again — since you only get the flat experience bonus when the combo finally ends, there’s no continuous multiplication. So yes, the optimum thing to do would be to get to Holy Shit, withdraw, get to Holy Shit again…


      1. He is roaming near the hallucinogen mushrooms but shhh, that’s a secret ๐Ÿ˜‰


  22. Hi !
    I still haven’t found everything about this wonderful map, but i wanted to see how fast i could beat it. I don’t know if that can be as quicker than the current best time, because unlike SubZero, i didn’t even try to do all quests, but well … Here i go ^^

    – 29 quests : 5800
    – 106 gold : 53
    – rune blade : 2800
    – feral shield : 2800

    – 87 crits : 1740
    – 606 animals : 3030
    – 37 double kills : 3700
    – 14 triple kills : 5600
    – 7 multi kills : 5950
    – 4 mega kills : 8800
    – 4 monster kills : 12400
    – 15 combos beyond monster kill : 62250

    – all 12 scholars : 1200
    – 1 secret seashell : 100 (that one is strange : i did pick one seashell, to see if i could sell it, then i throw it away, so i’m pretty sure i had none in the end)

    total score : 128223 (lovely combos ^^)
    time : 2 hours, 38 minutes, 24 secondes

    I don’t have screenshots, but i keep a save just before the final battle in case some check is needed – though i did manage to defeate Five rather quickly, so if i was to try again, it may take a few minutes more to reach the end ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Then, about the map … it’s just totally awesome, easily the best solo map i’ve played on warcraft (the second best would ‘when freedom slips away’ ^^). Good plot, being able to chose your skills is very nice, i loved the musics too… i can’t say all the stuff i liked
    Still, i wanted to point out 3 (only) litlle bugs i encountered, which is really nothing on such a big map :
    – first, when i skipped the video for a door opening (south and west annexes, and the 2 doors in the mountain), the camera would start to slowly zoom, without me being able to control it. Then, when it reaches ground level, the camera would go back to the usual aerial view. it’s a bit surprising the first time, but has no consequences.
    – the other 2 are a bit more troublesome : when i had to bring the 3 carts to the agent in the jungle, i made them pass through the top entrance to the agent place. in doing so, 2 carts just desappeared. i believe they went too close to the agent’s house, which probably has a trigger to tp the carts away after you speak to the agent, but here it happened before. So i wasn’t game over, because no cart had died, but i couldn’t bring 3 carts, since i had only 1 ^^. Luckily, i often save the game.
    – last one : when facing Five, i was once blown through a wall (it was the rocks and trees at the bottom left corner of the hill) by his skill, and ended up completely stucked. Again, i was happy to save often ^^

    Now, considering the run, there isn’t much to say : i quickly farmed levels with ‘holy shit’ combos, did only a few side quests for some xp (when it was quick) and some stuff : i believe i used 4 different swords and shields : for the swords : basic, fire sword (given by the fire deamon at jungle entrance), the bashing thing (big murgul near the magic mushrooms) which i kept for some time because you can beat bosses fairly quickly and without using too many potions when you use bash + rust bolt + rage (=> perma bash), and then the rune blade. For the shields : basic, tribal shield (from the foe in the cemetry in jungle) which i keep because the ensnare active is quite nice (again against bosses), mushroom, and feral shield. All the gold i can find (i sold everything, from mana scrolls to the obsidian cube : never spoke to this thief of a blacksmith ^^) is used in potions and rocks, which i stacked for bosses/Five. I only took one companion, the angel, because it’s quick to get him, and the 2 lights are nice for some tanking and dps. I took him after the obsidian boss (i think it’s dead whisper ?), so he recieves the bash thing and tribal shield, replaced by mushroom when i get feral shield. For last skill, i take replicate because the image has decent dps and is really tanky with rune blade + feral shield. Then, for Five, i managaged to reach the final battle with 59 rocks, so…. with replicate, rage, rust bolt, lights, and with everybody hiting him while i spammed 1st spell (i also had more 20 small mana and health potions), i nearly managed to perma bash him to death (i believe he had 3500 hp when i ran out of stones ^^)

    Well, that make a lot of writting, I apologize. if you’ve read everything, thanks alot, else, just go to hell ๐Ÿ˜‰
    I believe you can still beat the game a bit quicker, might try it one day, so here is your next challenge, SubZero ^^

    And by the way, i’m french, so i apologize if some of my mistakes made someone blind ^^

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      1. wow
        that was some super fast reply
        I didn’t know weither somebody would see the message, now i know ^^
        What i still don’t know is how to use the famous/powerful arthstone, but i’m working on it ๐Ÿ˜‰


      1. Hehe ๐Ÿ™‚
        Guess it’s my turn to accept the challenge
        Oh, and friendly warning : be careful about the other awards ๐Ÿ˜‰


  23. and… one more record i think….
    – 53 quests +10600
    – All quests +5000
    – 2962 gold +1491
    – 1537 Animals +7685
    – 107 Crits +2140
    – Dragons Tooth +3200
    – Feral Shield +2800
    – 61 double kills +6100
    – 12 triple kills +4800
    – 7 MUlti KIlls +5950
    – 7 Ultra Kills +10150
    – 1 mega kills +2200
    – 2 monster kills +6200
    – 35 beyond monster kills +145250
    – 12 scholars +1200
    – Erikas Heart +1000
    – Sly Devil +1000
    – Phat Lewts +2500
    – Fanboy +1000
    -22 Secret Seashell +2200
    AND all this for 3 hours, 53 minutes and 54 seconds (yes, i skipped all videos…)


      1. i played already this map about 60 times…
        I must say that this is best RPG map for Warcraft 3 i played ever… (and third best map for Warcraft 3)
        And i always happy to replay this map. sometimes with farming levels with holy shit kills and sometimes without. (I still hope that there will be sooner or later continuation of this two maps or background of storyline..)
        And also “When the freedom slips away” is second best map i ever played.


      2. Your dedication is appreciated. Aye, I noticed when I was half-way through making This Wreckage that it wanted to be trilogy, but there won’t be a continuation in WC3. You’ll have to wait for the novelisation to find out how the (rebuilt) story ends.


  24. – 53 quests +10600
    – All quests +5000
    – 16570 gold +8285
    – 1532 Animals +7660
    – 106 Crits +2120
    – Dragons Tooth +3200
    – Feral Shield +2800
    – 58 double kills +5800
    – 23 triple kills +9200
    – 7 MUlti KIlls +5950
    – 3 Ultra Kills +4350
    – 1 mega kills +2200
    – 3 monster kills +9300
    – 233 beyond monster kills +966950
    – 12 scholars +1200
    – Erikas Heart +1000
    – Sly Devil +1000
    – Phat Lewts +2500
    – Fanboy +1000
    -23 Secret Seashell +2300

    Result: 1052415 pts… for 23 hours 17 minutes and 19 seconds….

    (P.S. but i haven’t any screenshots. I don’t know how to make them ๐Ÿ˜ฅ )


    1. 233 Beyond Monster Kills? Holy SHIT dude.

      To take screenshots: press “Print Screen” on your keyboard and WC3 will put a TGA in its \Screenshots folder. I know, it’s rare that Print Screen actually takes screenshots in games.


  25. -50 quests (what 3 did I miss?:(); +10 000 points
    -1522 gold; +761 points
    -1542 wild animals; +7 710 points
    -172 critical; +3 440 points
    -Rune Blade; +2 800 points (I should have switched back to Dragon Tooth :()
    -Feral Shield; +2 800 points
    -91 double; +9 100 points
    -45 triple; +18 000 points
    -8 multi; +6 800 points
    -5 ultra; +7 250 points
    -3 mega; +6 600 points
    -1 monster; +3 100 points
    -1 combo beyond; +4 150 points
    -19 seashelss (I’m pretty sure I found 20…); +1 900 points
    -12 scolars; +1 200 points
    -Erika’s heart; +1 000 points
    -gave her a diamond; +1 000 points
    -FAT LOOT!; +2 500 points
    -fanboy; +1 000 points

    9 hours, 41 minute and 9 seconds (totally worth it)
    Total score: 91 511

    Best.SRPG.EVER!I downloaded the map LOOOOOOOONG time ago, except I didn’t play it.No help, no cheats, just a play-for-fun.Few days ago, bored me was searching for a good map to play in warcraft.I played and played…but then…the horror…

    “Damn this is a good map!I just hope there are no…”
    my rpg phobia:SURPRISE MOTHERFUCKER!!!
    “oh no…OH NO!OH NO!OH NO!…”

    A simply flawless map.Only few suggestions and questions:Erika could use human ears :P, you should have used Sunken UI and voice actors, but nevermind those, te map is TOO DAMN PERFECT!

    1:What happens to the pig?:p
    2.I saw a ghost from one of the screenshots, where do I get him?:P

    As soon as I rest, I will play “When freedom slips away (I forgot the name :p)”

    I simply, LOVE the map.Good job ๐Ÿ™‚


    1. When this was made, there was no Sunken UI — besides, you play as the “human” team rather than the ancients, so it wouldn’t actually be appropriate. And as for voice acting… I think you must realise that the volume of dialogue makes that an impossible dream. ๐Ÿ˜‰

      The Pig lives happily ever after in the Empire with his adoptive family.

      The only ghost I can think of is the one hidden in Agent City, but there are many mysterious forces floating around. Keep an eye open for concealed passageways.


      1. If you do some shady side missions for the Special Agent in Agent City, you’ll end up coming across this mysterious character.


  26. – Completed 52 Quests 10400pts (Which one did I miss? ๐Ÿ˜ฅ )
    – Yous saved 412 gold 206pts
    – Kills 1245 wild animals 6225pts
    – 120 critical attack 2400pts
    – Final Weapon Dragonโ€™s Tooth 3200pts
    – Final Shield Feral Shield 2800pts
    – 67 double kills 6700pts
    – 26 triple kills 10400pts
    – 8 multi kills 6800pts
    – 4 ultra kills 5800pts
    – 1 mega kills 2200 pts
    – 0 monster kills 0pts
    – 0 combo beyond moster kills 0pts
    – 18 Secret Seashells 1800pts
    – All 12 scholars 1200pts
    – Won Erikaโ€™s Heart 1000pts
    – Activated 4 phat lewts 2500pts
    – Bloody Fanboy 1000pts

    Total score: 65846pts
    Total time: 9h, 17m 50s

    I was so psyched when I saw This Wreckage had been repaired for 1.24. I remember playing this a few years back and it blew me away, now that Iโ€™m a little older, even more so. The storyline is insanely deep and fluid but never gets boring, the combat is infinitely more interesting than normal WC3 combat, and taking the music from Deus Ex (which is the best PC game ever made imo) was just genius. I would pay money to play this, if asked, thatโ€™s how awesome this mod is!

    Hope youโ€™re doing well RDZ!


  27. -Complete 53 Quest 10600 points
    -Complete every single quests 5000 points
    -Saved gold ~100 gold 49 points(aw common!)
    -Kills 1634 wild anumals 8170 points
    -150 critical strike 3000 points
    -Final weapon Dragon’s Tooth 3200 points
    -Final Shield Feral Shield 2800 points
    -85 double kills 8500 points
    -24 triple kills 9600 points
    -10 multi kills 8500 points
    -4 ultra kills 5800 points
    -0 mega kills 0 points(sad)
    -0 monster kills 0 points(baaad)
    -0 combo beyond monster kills 0 points(goddami)
    -21 Secret SeaShells 2100 points
    -Find all scholars 1200 points
    -Won Erika’s Heart 1000 points
    -Bloody fanboy 100 points
    -Activated 4 phat lewts 2500 points
    Total 73419 points
    10h 26m 31s

    It’s was A W E S O M E! I never played a map like this. It’s best map evar!

    P.S. wth i must do with Epic Secret Quest prize? i’m sure, its useful, but how its used? :C


      1. Yeah, “very effective”! Aw, common! Nobody knows what he does! Include keeper of secrets!


  28. Oh dear… A “respectable” score only for me. At least now I’ve refreshed my memory of where all the secrets are so I should be able to help people again.

    53 Quests: +10600
    All Quests: +5000

    958 Kills: +4790
    125 Critical Hits: +2500
    10666 Gold: +5333

    60 Double Kills: +6000
    19 Triple Kills: +7600
    5 Multi Kills: +4250
    7 Ultra Kills: +10150
    0 Mega Kills
    0 Monster Kills
    0 Beyond Monster Kills

    Final Sword: Dragon’s Tooth: +3200
    Final Shield: Feral Shield: +2800

    21 Secret Seashells: +2100
    Found all 12 Scholars: +1200
    Bloody fanboy: +1000
    Won Erika’s heart: +1000
    Smooth devil: +1000
    Activated the Phat Lewts: +2500

    Total: 71423
    Time: 6h 28m 1s


    1. Smooth Devil, what is actually meant by that?

      (Wanted to register to have a real Account on that Gravatar thing but since I’m not allowed to use uppercase letters and “bini” is already given away, lol.


  29. It took me 10h 34m and i got 8327x points. Really loved the game, even though I hated all the searching (but I also loved Morrowind, despites all the searching :)) Didn’t get the phat lewt and all quest bonus because I was unable to find the “living stone” statue. I ran around every part of the jungle at night atleast 3 times, then I ran around the swamps and I even ran around the beach just in case I read something wrong ๐Ÿ˜€ I couldn’t find it till the end, I just gave up. After visiting your page I know why I couldn’t fill the 4th slot of the altar and why I didn’t find my 20th seashell ๐Ÿ˜ฎ


      1. great job haha. I had 110509. 2nd time playing about 1 year later. I wasn’t trying to get combos. Did all quests and the random stuff. But I can’t get the 280 damage obsidian blade which I THINK I got the first time I played..


  30. 95000+ points.. failed the lost scholar and erika’s quests so missed a lot lol.. but didnt cheat at all by refering to the website! had 0 monster kills and above ^^

    anyone knows what the arthstone is for???


    1. yeah bro dw, that was kinda my score first time, but trust me getting everything is well worth the time, alot of value here.

      tbh i dont think there is a reason, but doing that quest does get you the blue guys chieftan at end fight ๐Ÿ™‚


  31. New high score betches hahaahahh, went backa while without internet and made one that will be even harder to beat. All scores are backed up by individual screenshots ๐Ÿ™‚ NOw introducing the following…
    – 53 quests +10600
    – All quests +5000
    – 53296 gold +26648
    – 1897 Animals +9485
    – 166 Crits +3320
    – Dragons Tooth +3200
    – Feral Shield +2800
    – 53 double kills +5300
    – 28 triple kills +11200
    – 12 MUlti KIlls +10200
    – 4 Ultra Kills +5800
    – 8 mega kills +17600
    – 6 monster kills +18600
    + 4 2 7 4 5 0 pts!
    – 12 scholars +1200
    – Erikas Heart +1000
    – Phat Lewts +2500
    – Fanboy +1000

    The total combined *drumroll* 565503 :):)

    After playing this map and finishing it twice i learnt all secrets and how to do the quests in the order to get through the fastest. I stacked around 80 beyond monster kills in the temple proper for about 2 hours lol, got to level 30 so my allies wuld be strong as well. Rest was simply said. ๐Ÿ™‚ enjoy


    1. also i found 22? 23 secret seashells im almost 100% sure, ill check again but im sure i got past 20


      1. finished spells with spark (obvfiously best spell), rust bolt (imba against bosses), empower or w/e its called (makes henric a beast), and summon wolfs (omg this spell makes me laugh 5 – 2khp 178-209 dmg things with crit, gota love this)
        loveed the game.


    2. How long did it take you?

      Well, let’s wait for the next high score, then. I wonder if anyone will ever get over a mil.


  32. So, I finished another run of This Wreckage, this time working for score, and well, here are the results:

    All 53 quests 10600 + 5000
    Saved 21959 gold, + 10979
    Killed 1516 wild animals, + 7580
    155 critical attacks, + 3100
    Final weapon/shield – Dragons Tooth/Feral shield + 3200/2800 points, respectively.
    77 double kills + 7700
    29 triple kills + 11600
    16 multi kills + 13600
    6 ultra kills + 8700
    12 mega kills + 26400
    68 beyond monster kills + 282200
    Found 19 secret seashells.
    Found all scholars, won Erika’s heart, Sly devil, Bloody fanboy + 1200/1000/1000/1000
    I have not been had after all + 2500
    Total score *drum roll*: 411759 points, with a gameplay time of 6hours, 46 minutes and 17 seconds.

    This time I saved up scrolls of healing and rocks from the very beggining, since I knew I’d need them later. I grinded for the combos both for the points and leveling, and I got my companions shortly before final preparatons. I was determined to set up a score that would be difficult to break, so that only someone who was willing to work for it would actually break the record, and I think that there will be a person with enough time on its hands to do that. For this run, I also changed my second spell to Rust Bolt, instead of Break, as I usually used to do, because I figured that I could sacrifice a little cash for potions, in order to defeat the tough monsters faster. However, I did not get to use rust bolt as effectively in the last fight, because I needed to keep stunning Five, so he’d stay calm and not cause any trouble.

    IF anyone is sceptical about the score, or the means that I had used to get the score, I can provide final screenshots of said score and/or explain how I got so many combos, gold, or how I did it this fast.


  33. So, just finished my second run of the map, here’s the score (note, I do not mention some parts, like the gold and such due to the fact that I didn’t make it to note it down, however, I have a saved game near the final battle, in case it need be checked):

    All 53 quests. (+5k bonus points).
    Final weapon: Dragons Tooth (+3200)
    Final Shield: Feral Shield (+2800)
    79 Double kill: 7900
    37 Triple kill: 14800
    18 Multi kill: 15300
    12 Ultra kill: 17400
    16 Mega kill: 35200
    13 Monster kill: 40300
    25 Beyond monster kill: 103750
    20 secret seashells (+2000)
    All scholars (+1000)
    Won Erika’s hear/ Sly Devil (+1k each)
    Total score: 278216 with a gameplay time of 6h, 29 minutes and 36 seconds (approx. twice faster than my first run).

    Note for tactics. I started out with spark, as my favourite starting spell due to damage and ability to harm surrounding enemies without need of targetting. I leveled this skill out until it was able to one-shot kill the monsters in the beach area. Then I started combo-whoring, without getting any companions until I reached level 30. This is due to the fact that it is highly beneficial to do so, because it is simpler to get combos, level up your character, and, when you get companions, they are one level lower than Henrik, which means, I needed to level them for only one level. What I did was basically running around to get attention of beasts, and gather 8 of them, weaken the ones that wouldn’t die from spark and then unleash the spell. Beasts follow you until you turn invisible/invulnerable, get into a cinematic, or they get stuck on a pathway, they never stop. This had caused a rather unpleasant effect once, since I had the speed spell on and ran to the main camp, and I had beasts following me. As I ran to turn in the quest to Erika, the allies started attacking the beasts, defeated them, and then stayed there, blocking the exit. If not for Yx and his summon ability, I’d propably never get out.
    My abilities were Spark, Break, Rage and Replicate.
    I haven’t figured out what to do with the damn Arthstone, even though I’ve gone through the whole map three times(which helped me find quests I had missed), but I’m propably gonna try again, after a while, since this is, after all, a great map.
    Also, it might be just for me, but, after I finished the “Deal or no Deal” quest, that agent still had the exclamation (!) mark above its head.


    1. Also, forgot to mention. I piled up rocks especially for the last fight with Five, and then had Yx constantly throw them at him, to keep him stunned, so he wouldn’t cause much trouble. I did run out of rocks (I had 30), so I could try stacking more next time. There is also an option of trying out thunder, but I’m not sure which one has longer stun effect (or they could be equal), since I never tested out.


  34. I downloaded this just yesterday, not sure if anybody keeps track anymore but I grinded a lot, didnt use any allys, I used Spark, Rusted Bolt, Fury, and the Spirit thingy. I was level 30 before I even opened south gate. I really went nuts on this one. My score was 269,598 Total. I did not cheat and I have screenshots :D. (I died first time playing because I went afk and forgot to pause it lol.) Completed in 7 hrs 47 mins and 4 secs.


  35. 164,001

    14 hours of gameplay.

    I was taking my time, taking in every second of the game because I absolutely enjoyed it. I proudly am able to complete all the quests without assistance from any guides. I only got 22 shells though.
    Nice work! I can’t wait for the next one.


  36. 171,101 points, around 9 hours.

    Great map. I feel like I solved about 96% of the map, but I want it all!!


  37. So my final score was 107.053 , finished in 8h.50min.
    Done only 51 quests, kinda frustrated i didn’t find the use for the arthstone ๐Ÿ™‚

    Great map! Loved every second of it, hoping for a sequel.


  38. So I herd u liek nubz.

    9 hours, 58 minutes, 45 seconds. I didn’t ‘grind’ anything or so, didn’t realize that was important. I just went straightforward and always tried to finish all my quests. When I did, I think I missed one. I mean, I’m pretty sure I didn’t finish the 53th quest.

    73769 points.


  39. well I didn’t put the specifics here but here goes.

    76,283 points in 10h24m50s mostly in part of running around looking for seashells lol had to look it up on the net but thanks to the boots at least going around wasn’t all that bad

    A really epic game, this game was pretty much the reason I reinstalled my wc3 again. now off to uninstalling it again and waiting for your next one.


  40. – Completed 53 Quests 10600pts
    – Completed every single quests 5000pts
    – Yous saved 37045 gold 18522pts
    – Kills 1245 wild animals 6225pts
    – 140 critical attack 2800pts
    – Final Weapon Dragon’s Tooth 3200pts
    – Final Shield Feral Shield 2800pts
    – 73 double kills 7300pts
    – 20 triple kills 8000pts
    – 9 multi kills 7650pts
    – 2 ultra kills 2900pts
    – 0 mega kills 0 pts
    – 8 monster kills 24800pts
    – 19 combo beyond moster kills 78850pts
    – 20 Secret Seashells 2000pts
    – All 12 scholars 1200pts
    – Won Erika’s Heart 1000pts
    – Sly Devil 1000pts
    – Activated 4 phat lewts 2500pts
    – Bloody Fanboy 1000pts

    Total Score 187747 pts in
    7 hrs 43 mins 2 sec

    I cheated a bit by fast-leveling up using combo 19 combo kills is kinda unrealistic ๐Ÿ˜› And also this is my second trial…haha. I couldn’t find all the quests at the first try..and I would wish for a sequel if I don’t have to make sure I completed every single quests..haha.

    Thanks a lot for the greatest and most epic warcraft rpg game Rao Dao Zao! I really love this game. XD


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