Frequently Asked Questions

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Technical Issues

What version of Warcraft III will the map run on?

This Wreckage is designed and built for Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne version 1.26. However, it should work on version 1.24 and above. If trying to play the map on any Reforged version (1.27 and above), you may encounter some known issues, but otherwise it should run pretty fine.

Why can’t I host This Wreckage on Battle.Net? (And/or “Map is too big”.)

This Wreckage is a singleplayer map. For one person. You. Alone. You play it offline. Singlepalyer -> Custom Game in The Frozen Throne. In Reforged… your mileage may vary.

Why did the lights go off inside the mountain?

The inner mountain section of the game disables ambient lighting in order to create a more mysterious atmosphere. Certain weapons and shields emit light, but these may not function as intended unless Warcraft III‘s “lighting” setting is on “high”.

Can I deactivate camera-lock?

No. A number of environmental and atmospheric effects depend on the camera being either attached to Henrik or attached to nearby Henrik (e.g. on a summon or companion). Remember to use the up and down arrow keys to zoom in and out if it feels a little claustrophobic, and the left and right arrow keys to get a different angle on things. The escape key, outside cinematics, will reset your camera to default zoom and rotation.

Why can’t I change the music volume with the music volume slider?

This is due to a limitation of Warcraft III‘s audio engine in relation to the battle music system. The game uses two different types of variable to differentiate between sound and music — sound and music variables, naturally. Due to some quirk, however, the game lags considerably upon ordering a music variable to play. In early tests of the music system, fights had started and ended before the game managed to catch up! Using sound variables for the music, however, completely alleviates this problem (albiet at the cost of coupling music volume to the volume of all sound).

I believe the compromise is worth it.

I’ve been killing loads of things in quick succession, but no combos are appearing. Why?

Only Henrik’s kills count towards combos. If you have any allies around, they may steal your kills and prevent you from getting combo bonuses!

I used a cheat like whosyourdaddy and the map seems to have broken.

I didn’t design the map with cheats in mind. You’re on your own.


This fight is awfully difficult. What should I do?

Side-quests are often the best way to get top-of-the-line equipment… And you won’t lose all your money. Remember to keep allies’ equipment good, too. If they don’t have decent shields, you might find they’ve slipped away before you realise what’s happening. And always, always, always — keep a good stack of potions! (Unless you’re a pro.)

I failed a side-quest. Can I restart it without re-loading a saved game?

People can’t just un-die because it’s convenient for you. Without even the chance of failure, what pleasure can you get from success? (Hint: F6 is the button for quick-save.)

What can I do with the Starfall Ore/Dark Ore/Obsidian Cube?

Talk to Kagrenac. He can make things… For a price.


Why does my journal not tell me where to go?

It’s only meant to serve as a reminder of what you need to do, it will not hold your hand. Pay attention when talking to people — they’ll often give you more specific directions about how to reach your destinations before sending you on your way. Get to know the landscape by exploring, so when they cite reference points you’ll recognise where they are. Also look out for invulnerable rock chunks… Chances are, they’ll eventually disintegrate to let you pass for a quest.

I played the entire map and never found X. What should I do?

Exploration is the name of this game. The world is a big place and everything isn’t obvious and precisely guided. If you want to get the best out of This Wreckage, you’ve got to be prepared to make a little effort. The main quest line is only a fraction of what lurks among the trees and ruined walls.

Where is anything in the swamp?

Try looking at this map. The main thing to bear in mind is that the swamp is all smoke and mirrors: the thick fog closing in might give you the fear, but there are actually very few paths to follow. Many of the landmarks also open up as you advance certain quests, so you might not see all of this the first time around!

I can only find two Grints in the swamp, but there are meant to be eight?

There are eight. Over the entire map. Mwuhuhuahahahahaha!

Where are the twelve Scholars?

  • Red: the Scholar at the head of the beach is the most obvious and easy to find.
  • Blue: you’ll find him in the Murloc town of Stentopol.
  • Teal: help Draak (next to Kagrenac’s Forge) find his home and you’ll run into Teal.
  • Purple: lurking in the swamp town of Zherramir is the Purple Scholar.
  • Yellow: waiting in the ruined city at the heart of the jungle is the (retired) Yellow Scholar.
  • Orange: just outside the Agents’ “secret base”.
  • Green: in the north half of the jungle, you’ll track down the Green Scholar, just west of the gate.
  • Pink: if you saved the Lost Captain, he’ll build a town at the site of his shipwreck — this will attract the Pink Scholar.
  • Grey: once you’ve killed the Mur’gul Tyrant to open the way to the mountain, crack open the cage in his base to find the Grey scholar.
  • Light Blue: go into the cave, turn left, then turn left again and slip through a crack in the south wall.
  • Dark Green: outside the cave, turn south and double back along the cliff path.
  • Brown: if you’d like to know more about the Rune Blade, sneak through the nearby waterfall.


My allies are useless. What should I do?

Some people love them, some people hate them. But don’t you like having options? With their additional inventory slots, they can be good platforms for using consumable items like wands, but you really need to keep their equipment up to date.

Who are all the allies I can find?

  • Ancient Knowledge: the most obvious companion, he can be acquired by helping the Red Scholar on the beach a few times. If you keep him alive long enough, he’ll even get the opportunity to be upgraded…
  • Uralon: if you help Draak on his way, this enigmatic extra-planar creature will eventually return with news.
  • Anna: pursue the fugitive and she’ll be forced to make a deal with you. Once her time is up, however, she’ll rejoin you for the final showdown.
  • Nikki: this young Rov is the last defender of her abandoned town in the mountain. She’s well up for an adventure, so you don’t have to ask twice for her to jump on board.
  • Yx: you’ll encounter the Angel when a Special Agent asks you to investigate some local concerns.
  • Vvayl: if you can track down the secretive Adventurer’s Guild, you can hire the services of this mystical hero.

The Mountain

I’m stuck at the little destructible obelisks in the mountain. What do I do?

Some of the obelisks will collapse in a single hit. Some of them won’t collapse until you’ve grown so bored that it doesn’t matter anymore. Maybe you should test them all and concentrate on the easy ones?

Also use the left and right arrow keys to spin the camera. The default view isn’t always the most useful…

Update: in the Gold version of This Wreckage, this puzzle was simplified. I apologise for being a bad game designer; now you can just destroy all the easily-visible obelisks to open the way.

How many Secret Seashells are there?

Honestly? I don’t know. Secret Seashells are deposited in a number of ways; some are on the map, some are dropped by destructibles, and yet more are created on demand by quests. There is thus no convenient way to count them, and I never kept a tally when I put them all in. I just threw them down where they felt right. I think there are about 23, but don’t quote me on that. There are many more than enough in the map to activate the secret.

What are the results of the different wishes I can ask the Granter of Wishes for?

Choose wisely, my son.

  • Wish for the greatest sword that exists in this land: the Granter of Wishes cannot give you the Dragon’s Tooth (since he doesn’t own it), so you will be able to choose another wish.
  • Wish for true love: Erika already fancies you, so you will be able to choose another wish.
  • Wish that you could go on an epic quest to a faraway land: raid the legendary Tomb of Anak’hul, an ancient Azuran hero, in the icy wastelands of the north. Defeat its guardians and puzzles and take the mysterious Arthstone for your own, not to mention all the other bangin’ loot he’s got stashed away in there.
  • Wish for a whopping great chest of gold: exactly what it says on the tin. 10,000 gold… You could buy a house with that. Or a nice new sword.
  • Wish for the greatest shield that exists in this land: the Granter of Wishes gives you the fabled Level Eight Shield. That’s the maximum level of item, you know. There is no shield better than this.
  • Wish for a whopping great pile of lumber: again, as it says on the tin. I won’t be coy about this one — it really is completely useless. There is not a single object in the map that costs lumber, nor any quests or secrets associated with it.
  • Wish for a sequel: another useless one that results in a few bonus points because I love you. It also unlocks the same final bonus cinematic as completing all quests. Blame Shados for this one.

How do I get past the challenge in the Tomb of Anak’Hul?

Attacking the statues will make them rotate. Maybe they should all face in a certain direction? This is the oldest challenge in the book, so I’m kind of disappointed that you needed to look this up.

Fun Stuff

What can I do with a Diamond?

Diamonds are worth a lot of money. Maybe you should just sell it…?

What can I do with the Phat Lewts?

Nothing. It’s a scam. You’ve been had. Go home and get some sleep. Even Erika thinks it’s a scam. She wouldn’t lie to you, would she?

What is the altar in the mountains for?

It’s probably another scam.

How do I get past that obstacle down from where the Mature Scorpid attacked me?

I get the funny feeling that’s a scam too.

What is the Arthstone?

It’s a powerful artefact.

No, really.

Ah-ha-ha. You can’t afford that one.

Harley Filben, Deus Ex

74 thoughts on “Frequently Asked Questions”

  1. Hello from 2021!

    Great map, loving it.

    I need help locating the four lewts.

    I only have three and i have no idea where to find the fourth. I remember that i definitely got the one thats a reward for stolen papers, dont remember where i got the other 2 from. Help is appreciated

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Let’s seee…

      1) Anna drops one when you defeat her at her house in the jungle
      2) The Green Scholar gives you one for his papers, yep
      3) One is given to you by the Grey Scholar (released from a cage in the Mur’gul Tyrant’s camp on the way to the mountain) for completing his quest
      4) One is hidden in a bush in the blue village in the far east of the mountains

      I’m assuming from the way you’ve phrased your message that you have an idea of what to do with them, so I’ll say no more. 😉


  2. Love this level (i.e. really a Campaign). Thanks for creating this. Question: Where abouts is the Koto horn and what the general location of the “Chaos” thing I have to fight? Thanks for any clues you can give….. 🙂


    1. – The Koto is in a cave to the south of the chamber with the little secret obelisks in it, which opens the 3 inner doors
      – Chaos is on a sandbank just off Stentopol — the ramp appears next to Edouard’s house


  3. already spoiled it for one guy back in 2013 in this page.
    if u dont want to see that then theres a hint in the above faq its quite subtle and srsly i got to it by accident too.just try and when ur done go down to that comment and find out
    : D


  4. I’m pretty late to this party… can you give me some hints about the fountain (near the temple gate) and the obelish (almost end of the swamp)?


    1. The fountain is involved one of the side quests given to you by Erika after she arrives. The obelisk in the swamp has a suspiciously Emerald-shaped slot in it, so if you find one of those…


      1. I collected 20 shells and give it to the teller, he said 2 or 3 chambers i don’t remember clearly and still stuck at that. Some more guide for me Raodaozao? 😀


      2. The Granter of Wishes can be found in a hidden area near the mushroom nest. You need to activate a secret bridge over the abyss in that room by finding a secret switch hidden in a cave behind the walls to the south. Once you’ve got over the bridge, just wander along that corridor and stand between the two rows of pillars… and see what happens!

        Here’s a map of the places to go:


      3. Final score 79872 in 10 hours and i i still miss 3 missions… damn!
        Great “campaign” anyway ^^. If you have a sequel, please choose another voice for Henrik, it really annoy me…could be anything else even undead units.


  5. Great map been playing it for 5 hours, but a guard decided to block the wall entrance to the camp and now I can’t leave. I tried to kill him but the whole camp attacked me and killed me.

    Made a mistake by only having one save file. It’s a shame, the map is amazing but I can’t be arsed to start over.


    1. On the map, it’s directly south of Zherramir, but since it’s the swamp, the path curves. Take the path that leads to the Jungle rather than the Safe House, and it’s in a little previously rock-blocked notch in the south tree wall.


      1. Stuck again. I just found Yx, the angel and Im told to escort him back to base. Which I did. Nothing happens though. Got him close to the commander, and also close to Erika, nothing. Tried the agent base in the jungle, again nothing. Did I mess up the script?


      2. Ok, never mind, it’s the special againt on the left in the agent base I needed to approach.


  6. I cant my self win the quest “Work”, cause i got no idea were to get mushrooms,cause i been all the places i could.


    1. Its in the upper left corner of the temple. You kiled a stack of murlocks there before,there appears a passage upwards.
      I enjoyed the game,but final boss was too impossible for me… 3 aoe spells and all my allies and me are almost dead,i think you have to get about 50 health scrolls to kill him.(i spent 7/9 of my scrolls escaping the cave,thinking that with 6 allies with pre-top equipment i would easily slay the boss,but after some tries i had to write “whosyourdaddy”) A little dissapointed about the end cutscene,wanted to see my hero and that pretty elite officer kiss or at least to see them together at some lonely house near the beach… Nice work though. I wonder how many secret shells do i have to collect(collected 17).


      1. There might be a bonus ending cutscene of a faintly romantic nature that plays if you completed some quests and special actions earlier in the game. 😉

        That’s a shame about the final boss, I’ve had plenty of other people complain that he’s too easy so I guess there’s no way for me to win. :’D

        I think I set the Seashell counter to 20, so you were almost there!


      2. I saw the cutscene with them two talking on the beach,henric wanted to stay but she suggested escaping together and he agreed(completed all her quests). Is there another,better one?


      3. And does the frozen sword in the cave has any punishment? I decided not to unfreeze him,thinking that it would lead to some bad ending


      4. Is that not romatic enough for you? Damn.

        No, there’s no ill effects to using the Rune Blade. It’s actually pretty imbalanced, so might have made the final fight a little easier…


  7. to complete unofficial duty 2 it says ‘buy a ring’ so where can i buy this ring ??? btw i killed the panther just when the sun rise and it doesn’t drop the paper for the scholar…… 😦 when i attacked the panther it was not invulnerable and doesn’t just attack me in sight … i forced att him


    1. The panther doesn’t drop anything! You should search the jungle for his hidden den, he must have stashed the papers there.

      The barman in Stentopol has a small line in jewelery, perhaps you should look there for a ring?

      The Scholar’s house from the cave mission is far along the cliff paths; keep going east after the main entrance to the underground temple and eventually you’ll find a village with pale lilac buildings… It’s the easternmost house in that village.


      1. thanks i found the ring 🙂 (i just complete dat quest before exploring the cave :v )
        found the den too, i had seen it many times before and tried to get there but the way was block so i though there was some error in the map design :v hehe


    1. If you head down to the east and then follow the path south, towards the shipwreck, there is a little offshoot where those nasty Will O’ Wisps make their home — you’ll find their hostage there too.


  8. First and foremost, this is a most wonderful RPG you’ve created. I must say, good choice of music too. I particularly liked how battles trigger a different track which fits with the theme, depending on location. The general attention to detail is.. more than laudable.

    Now, I see myself as a bit of a completist. I cannot, for the life of me, locate Kelljn (that’s the Samurai’s name, IIRC) or Papahl. Kelljn, I’m sure I’ve combed through the entire jungle for him, couldn’t find the damn guy. Papahl.. well, just my sheer lack of luck for using the boots of speed when getting to him to complete the quest, couldn’t chase him in time. =/

    It’d pain me to complete the game without actually completing it. You need not give direct answers, if at all, but even clues would be most helpful (:



    1. Don’t worry, I only give oblique hints about the Arthstone. Normal quests are fair game. 😉

      Papahl runs to the village at the top of the beach. You have three minutes *after he reaches this point* in which to walk up to him and trigger a final showdown, or else he’ll disappear. So depending on when you saved before asking me this question, you might still have time!

      Kelljn teleports between several different places, so get ready for a grand tour. In the following order, he visits:
      1. The ruins in the jungle above Agent City, the plaza to the right of the one where you meet the Yellow Scholar.
      2. The ruins at the top of the beach, where you fought the Water Elemental and found A Short Treatise on Energies right at the start of the map.
      3. A previously hidden area in the swamp. To the right of where there was a Hydra, in the niche where you may or may not have fought the Aersark yet, a few trees have died to open up access to a sandbank.

      After that final defeat in the swamp, Kelljn will give up his prize. Huzzah!


      1. Does a conversation between Henrik and Kelljn trigger when I arrive at the respective locations, or need I just visit them in order? Couldn’t find Kelljn when I arrived at the plaza next to yellow scholar, not sure if I’m doing anything wrong.. pretty damn sure I have the quest though, for starters.


      2. He should be visible, hostile and all you need to do is knock lumps out of him until he decides to teleport away.

        He is activated by opening a chest in a secret chamber in the mountains; a bit hard to find, but I think the opening is triggered after a specific plot point I can’t quite recall. He’ll appear and taunt you when the quest begins, so it’s pretty unambiguous.


      3. Yup, pretty sure I have triggered the quest already. Might be a bug/glitch that Kelljn isn’t appearing then.. though if it makes any difference at all, I’ve already hit two of the three switches required to trigger Five’s final appearance. Looks like I’d have to go through with completing the game as it is after all. That, or I can replay it all over again ;p

        Given up on Papahl completely since it’s been way more than 3 minutes since he buggered off too!


  9. Hello, I think there’s a glitch. After I talked to Erika for the second unofficial task, the guard somehow moved to block the entrance, so that I can’t even leave the base. What should I do? If I attack the guard, I become hostile


    1. Hmmm.

      You might be able to use spells/items to kill the guard. The hostility trigger fires on “Is Attacked” rather than “Takes Damage”, so a spell shouldn’t necessarily count as an attack. Pretty sure I allow friendly fire on most skills, Rock items should work if nothing else.


      1. Nope, none of the spells/items work. It all says cannot target friendly units


      2. Fortunately, by standing in between the guards, they suddenly moved out, so I was able to pass through again!


      3. Hmm, it’s not like me to leave friendly fire disabled. Oh well, at least you got through — the unit’s pathing must have got stuck on something.


  10. I can’t go down the stairs after dealing with the whisperer? Is this a bug or I’m just really clueless?


    1. No, those stairs cannot be passed, they’re just window dressing. Y’know, the black veil implies the world is bigger than it actually is… You probably want to head back out of the tomb and talk to Taratik.


  11. A question about the music. It sounds very much like DeusEx, the first one. But it isnt the same. Is it from one of the sequels (never tried those myself) or did you make your own DeusEx style sound tracks? Anyhow – awesome job there, love it a lot.


    1. It’s mostly from Unreal, actually, but the same musicians worked on Unreal as Deus Ex so the themes are complementary.

      Beach: “Shared Dig”, Unreal
      Temple: “Unreal Crypt”, Unreal
      Swamp: “Vandenberg Tunnels”, Deus Ex
      Jungle: “Wargate”, Unreal
      Underground: “Hub 2”, Unreal
      Finale: “Extreme End”, Unreal (minor extending and remixing by me)
      The Gauntlet: “Go Down”, Unreal Tournament
      Final Boss: “Area 51 Bunker”, Deus Ex


  12. Really unfortunate that I cant deactivate the camera-lock. Gives me actual headaches after a few hours. As for the music, as good as it is, there comes a point where it just needs to shut up. You should have done it like in “When the Freedom Slips Away”.


  13. I’ve encountered a bug where Balthasar stopped following me when I was escorting him to the temple. I had to start again. 😦

    Otherwise, awesome.


  14. Hi!

    I’m sorry but could you help me out a little? I seem to be stuck at the Tomb of Anak’hul after defeating the two monsters. I realize that I should be able to attack the statues to make them rotate, but right clicking them does nothing and spells don’t work as “can’t attack neutral units” error comes up. Any idea what’s up and what I should do now?


    1. You have to “force” attack them — click the attack icon (or use the A hotkey), then click the statue. One swipe of the sword makes a statue rotate by 45 degrees.


    1. Head deep into the mountain. Look for a crack in the south wall of one of the temple chambers, and follow it to find a volcanic vent. There you shall find what you need.


  15. where is the panther statue and the missing piece of the hollow sword? it feels like i’ve searched everywhere
    P.s. love the map! Definitely the best rpg i’ve played so far


    1. The Panther statue is near the Agents’ base. On the road up to their plateau, there is a cliff ramp right on the edge of the map. Take that ramp up and find the statue.

      The missing piece of the Hollow Sword is in a barrel in the Mur’gul Tyrant’s hideout. He clearly had no idea of its significance.


  16. where can i get the explosives? cant find it. i searched the shipwrecked and the whole map, i havent see it. help? 😀


  17. What am I supposed to do in The Land of Darkness? It says explore the cave, I did, but I can’t find what to do…


    1. If you go along to the left, you’ll come to a chamber with a huge gate and Henrik will remark that there are little obelisks around the edge. Some of the obelisks can be destroyed in one hit, some will refuse to die (remember to spin the camera so you can see them all). Once the gate is opened, keep going that way until you find Wasted Whispers.


      1. Hey, thanks for the reply. I did figure it out eventually. Anyway, I got annoyed so much by that part that I forgot to compliment you on how super amazing this game was! It truly was amazing. Cheers.


      2. Yes, it’s a popular part for people to get stuck at. Let’s just say that… puzzle design was never one of my strengths. 😉


    1. The shrooms are in the Mur’gul base in the top-left corner of the temple compound. Near the beginning of the game, you see some Murloc assault it.

      The raft is at the north end of the beach, near the Lobster had Quintin in a cage.


  18. and another one!!!

    i think i have discovered a great trick, but maybe you have discovered it already(i hope you havent).

    this trick tells that “diamond” isnt only a scrap that is given to erika to increase your final score, but also a key to an incredible way to defeat five without him damage you even a little bit.

    this is what i did:

    after escaping the cave, which is on the quest final showdown and after accepting anna, warlocks and grint allies and getting the dragon tooth from erika, i gave erika the diamond. This made henrik teleport to the base camp for the conversation. In this way, Five will not be triggered to be an enemy. After that, go travel a bit long distance to Five and kill him. Then bang! Just watch him do nothing but helplessly(because he cant summon backups) and hopelessly watch you killing him. Although he could teleport and use his “shockwave” skill that can push you through trapholes, you wont recieve any damage totally because even his “shockwave” could not deal damage(i dont know if you did really create that skill without dealing damage, but it doesnt matter).

    Now, you can easily finish the game without taking a hard time killing the boss in the end…


      1. yeah… i know… and thats what im expecting you to say…

        anyway… i just want to congratulate you because you have created the BEST MAP EVER WAS THAT HAVE REALLY SHAKEN WARCRAFT 3!!! BEATS (maybe) ALL THE MAPS EVER CREATED ON WARCRAFT 3!!!!!

        really loved it SO MUCH…

        white chinaaaaaaaa!!!


  19. OH sorry…

    i have a question….

    what will happen when i give the diamond to erika??

    should i need to give 2 diamonds??

    or it just really dont have any effect but a corny conversation??


  20. How do I get past that obstacle down from where the Mature Scorpid attacked me?
    You said its just a scam…but its not…

    It opens when its the time to face five…

    you will see there an ‘xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx’, which has xxx xxxxxx and a xxxxxx xxxxxxxx.

    so dont fool the readers…


      1. Its not a scam, if you stand next to the obstacle (rocks) and summon a creature, he appears on the other side of the rocks allowing you see what’s over there but not being able to touch anything. There are ‘things’ there that I want, and I’m trying to figure out how I can get them.


      2. dude complete the altar with phat phewt .It activates an earthquake allowing u to get a new sword


      3. thats it bruno but u need to put all of them 4 of them u probably found some of them. only if you put all of them , it opens up the way.i srsly dont remember some of them but one is with anna in he rinventory one is given by the scholar for his apapers stolen by the panther and one is more is a random drop r something cant recall…….


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