This Wreckage

As His Majesty the Emperor’s Expedition Force sets down on the shores of a mysterious continent, dark forces are already waiting…

First released in 2008, This Wreckage is a massive singleplayer action-adventure RPG map for Warcraft III: the Frozen Throne. Version Gamma is compatible only with version 1.24+ of Warcraft III, due to additional engine features added to the game in that version.

WARNING: there may be some issues with This Wreckage in the new patches (1.27 and above). I am looking into making the necessary fixes, but in the mean time, if you’d like to downgrade to 1.26 for the authentic experience, this thread on the Hive Workshop has links and details!


  • Left arrow: rotate camera <-
  • Right arrow: rotate camera ->
  • Up arrow: zoom in
  • Down arrow: zoom out
  • Escape: skip cinematic / reset camera to default
This WreckageThis WreckageThis Wreckage
This WreckageThis WreckageThis WreckageThis WreckageThis WreckageThis WreckageThis WreckageThis WreckageThis Wreckage
This WreckageThis WreckageThis WreckageThis Wreckage

Post your end-game statistics as a comment on the scoreboard, and if you’re the best you might just be crowned Champion! Please note that all comments are moderated and may take some time to appear on this page (comments that attempt to reveal high-level secrets will not be published).

Need a helping hand? See if one of the following pages has the answer. (Note: they contain spoilers.)

No? Then leave a comment below — I’m always happy to drop a hint for those in need. However, if you need spoiler-tastic help that we don’t want splashed all over this page, please contact me privately. I don’t bite!

If you liked This Wreckage, remember to try out its prequel, When the Freedom Slips Away — and if you want more of the same but in space and with robots, check out Project Y4.

You might also be interested in the multiplayer technological testbed, RDZArena, and if you want a bit of laugh, check out these lost projects from across the ages, some of whose ideas lived on in This Wreckage.

472 thoughts on “This Wreckage

  1. I’m stuck after the ”Work” main quest, spent time running around but couldn’t find the entrance to the western jungle. please help


  2. Really want to play this map, heard so many great things. But once I pick up the backpack in the very beginning it causes a graphical glitch that makes the map visually unplayable. I have tried two different computers and had the same problem so don’t think it’s on my end. What I was wondering, as I know you are not doing more work on this map, is there a console command or something that I can use to hide the backpack visual when I pick it up?


      • Okay, update on this saga — the backpack model is broken in a “how did this ever work?” way (can’t believe I still remember all this stuff… just like riding a bike?). I’ll be preparing to do patch releases of This Wreckage and WtFSA when Reforged comes out and I can give them both thorough test runs, so stay tuned!


  3. Hi again after all those years, Rao!
    I wanted to ask if you are still planning to rework these maps (when the freedom slips away and this wreckage) for Reforged version?

    If yes i would be honoured to test some things if needed.


      • But new models and better looking models…

        I would love to see both those maps in reforged variant. Even without reworked triggers.


      • It will never happen because there are 720 imported files, most of which are custom models. I simply do not have the time or energy, let alone tools and skills, to upgrade all of those to HD mode. I’m afraid you’ll just have to live with the uggo classic graphix. ;D


      • If you’re going to donate enough for me to start a business and hire a load of professional artists, sure. How many millions have you got?


    • Ha, no. Or rather, yes, but in stand-alone game land, not in WC3. My heart belongs to big meaty singleplayer action-RPGs and that will always be what I strive to make.


  4. Sir, why can’t I play your map. It says here that it needs 2 different teams to start the game and unfortunately I can only have 1


  5. I have played your map recently and i must admit that is the best map i ever played , i love this map . Got 57716 with over 10 hour played time . But I have some question about this map :
    1. The Upgrade quest : i cant found anything to enchant the crystal gem , i searched everything i could interact in all the mountain but nothing . Can u tell me how can i complete this quest ?
    2. I saw the block passage which lead to the big murloc and the horseman near the entrance of inner mountain ( maybe ). Even i reached the final preparation quest it still be blocked ?? . How can go through that passage ?
    3. Quest Known Unknowns and Seagoat in the swamp . How can i find those quests or trigger it ?
    4. Some suggestion for your future update ( if have ) : The final quest i have 7 comrade include Anna + 6 scholar and leader blue orc as allies . But when fighting with Five , It’s very hard to micro all of them as the camera is locked . So I suggest that in final quest u should unlock the camera to normal , and may add some extra point condition like : All 7 comrades alive : + 50000 point , All allies u control alive : + 200000 point ….
    Tks u for reading , please answer me soon.


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