Warcraft III Models

Bonus points for using any of these in a singleplayer RPG!

Sonic Heroes

I might lambast Sonic at every possible opportunity, but I still love him and his terrible modern games (see? There I go again). Some time ago, I was playing Sonic Heroes and I realised that the power, speed and fly teams matched up pretty well with the three core attributes of Warcraft III heroes: strength, agility and intelligence. Of course Sonic’s art style would never work in WC3, so I set about melding my favourite characters into useful semi-hero units…

These models are all built off in-game units, so use their animation values and suchlike.

The pack includes:

  • Sonic the BanditSpearthrower
  • Tails the Watcher
  • Knuckles the Paladin AND Knuckles the DruidOfTheClaw
  • Amy the Watcher
  • Big the OgreOneHeaded
  • E-102 Gamma the GolemStatue
  • E-123 Omega the GolemStatue
  • E-101 Beta the Sorceress
  • Metal Sonic the DemonHunter
  • Mecha Sonic the DemonHunter

The textures are all cheap recolours of the GolemStatue, so you can have some fun swapping them around (or rocketing everyone back to the in-game grey texture).

Download (1.27MB)


Unreal II: The Awakening has my undying love, and this is how I expressed that love — by making the Tosc as a WC3 model. AnemicRoyalty provided the amazing custom texture that allowed this model to become a reality. This is the reference picture we used.

Since the Tosc’s main attack is heinously powerful, this model is built around arm-flailing melee attacks, with its singularity cannon falling in as a spell animation (projectile is included).

Download (0.2MB)


The name pretty much says it all — this is Mannoroth cunningly re-imagined as a Paladin. I really like how it turned out, though; the set of the head and shoulders, how the axe fits the animations… Deceptively simple, but I never managed to find a use for him.

Download (0.1MB)

Orc Hammerite

Everyone loves riderless animals and animalless riders, so here’s Thrall standing on his own two feet as seen in The Oasis.

In the same vein as Paladinoth above, he’s a Paladin with a bonus Attack Slam. Nothing fancy, but hopefully something that will settle nicely in along with the standard game art.

Download (0.1MB)

Germanic CastleGermanic Castle

A castle based on the Germanic architecture set of Age of Empires II: The Age of Kings.

It is an unanimated doodad, and it perhaps suffers from the texture being ill-suited to such a large structure. I had to reduce the height of the castle to offset the worst of this — whether or not the gambit succeeded is up to you. Its pathing map is 16×16, which makes it roughly the same scale (“scale”) as its AoE2 progenitor.

Download (0.01MB)

Star Ballista

Aaaaalways I wanna beee with you
And make belieeeeeve with you
And live in harmony harmony oh love

Includes ballista mounted with star and star projectile!

Download (0.02MB)

Fun With Zelda Monsters

I made my own peculiar WC3-styled interpretations of two classic Legend of Zelda monsters: the Octorok and Tektite.

Since I grew up on Link’s Awakening, I always imagined the Octorok to have a hard carapace, which is totally unlike how it appears in any other game. Not to mention all the fanart of the Link’s Awakening version is so damn kawaii. His animation values should be based on the Lobstrokk (Makrura).

And the Tektite is a fairly simple combination of the Spider and the WatcherWard, but it works quite nicely in a tight spot. The eye wanders (a little drunkenly) and blinks just like the WatcherWard to keep his face a little bit interesting — basically, this is a cheap and cheerful little edit.

Download (0.2MB)

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