Warcraft III

According to file timestamps, I started mapping for Warcraft III in March of 2003 and lasted about 10 years before I finally moved on… In that time, I made a load of chunky singleplayer adventures. Some of them have been reconditioned for modern patches, others may or may not function as intended.

Henrik’s Story

This Wreckage
As His Majesty The Emperor’s Expedition Force sets down on the tropical shores of a mysterious continent, dark forces are already waiting…
(The sequel to When the Freedom Slips Away)

A colossal temple stands in the jungle; eight heroes face off amongst the mighty remnants of a civilisation more ancient than the world itself.

When the Freedom Slips Away
A small expedition arrives on a tiny island, in search of land to conquer. They’re soon caught between two warring towns; a mad Lord wanting to take over the world, and another trying to stop him…

Standalone Maps

Black Wind
A secluded valley, overrun with demons and their worshippers. An ancient barrow. A sleeper… Rudely awakened.

RDZ Industries: Project Y4
Take control of the brand new All-Purpose Assault Mech as you unravel the events at a remote industrial research and development facility…

The Oasis
This muddy pool is the only source of water for miles around. The Orcs have come here seeking a new life…

The Forgotten
A selection of curiosities from the archives, including my first ever releases and some unfinished sketches.

If you really enjoyed my maps, maybe you would like to…
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The SPRPG Diaries

I like other people’s maps too, you know. If you like my stuff (or, hell, don’t like my stuff), you may enjoy these. Many of these are the maps that shaped me and all the things I made (and, indeed, still make), while others are compelling curiosities I’ve found along the way.

Blog 545: The SPRPG Diaries: The Troll War

The society is dominated by a council of powerhungry mages and the powerful Magistrate. The trolls and ogres who are being oppressed by the arrogant alliance of elves and humans have decided to strike back… .

The Post Mortem Examinations

You can’t criticise other people’s maps without eventually picking your own apart. Was I harsh enough? It’s hard to say.

6 thoughts on “Warcraft III”

  1. you liked my previous post +respect for you ❤
    are you still alive ? XD

    what are you doing these days?

    sorry if i am talking rude but after i played LOL and DOTA2 and many graphics and new games like CS: GO and CO BO 3 , Rocket League…….. i love to play your maps on wc3 much more


    1. I am very much alive! They’ll have to prise WC3 from my cold, dead hands Maybe I’ll release something this year, who knows? It won’t match up to LoL or DotA, but hopefully it’ll scratch the same itch as my WC3 maps. 😉


      1. happy for you buddy , how old are you ?
        You are smart , I am not sure what you will release but i am sure that it is going to be awesome .

        like when you gave us two pack bags in one of your maps called The Wreckage RPG . I was like WTF how when, YEAH that’s amazing , and the quests you make the spells the story the idea OH MY GOD man, You really inspire me even i am still learning english and i can’t understand everyword >> but i read the lines in your maps .

        sorry the message is little long but i really love your work , and i am in love with your ideas . and i prefer your nice maps on my childhood game than LOL DOTA2 , etc …..


      2. I’m a sprightly 31 now… Was about 20/21 when I made This Wreckage, so as you can see, I peaked early. 😉 I put a lot of energy into the map, so I’m glad it’s made you so happy!


  2. WOW man i can’t describe how amazing you are ! you are better than wc3 staff

    i hope you become a game programmer .

    i played a lot of your maps , and they all inspires me . GG

    Liked by 1 person

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