Blog 751: XcellentCOM2: Tactical Legacy

I didn’t need a free bonus pack to remind me that XCOM2 is a brilliant game. And yet, here we are!

It’s always nice when something goes from zero to released in the space of about a week. No sooner had XCOM2 announced it was getting a bonus pack of mini-campaigns than it had dropped into our laps. Swag!

Conveniently, I had just finished playing Divinity: Original Sin 2 when the downloadgates opened…

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Blog 742: XcellentCOM 2

It saddened me that I had to buy the XCOM2 Collection digitally, as no physical version of the end-of-life complete edition was ever released.

After having completed it, I am doubly sad not to have a proper box, because it was really really good.

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