Blog 611: Post Mortem: When the Freedom Slips Away

Considering I’m now making a real game for real, maybe now is a good time to go back to my roots and examine what went right… and what went wrong… with my previous development efforts: my Warcraft III maps.

Today: my first real map, When the Freedom Slips Away

There will be spoilers.

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Blog 564: Planning the Elusive Third Book

Did I mention I was writing a novel? Surely. I always forget to clarify, though — it’s actually a trilogy. Go hard or go home, and all that; RDZ never does things by half measures.

Creating the new super-refined plot outlines for When the Freedom Slips Away and This Wreckage has been mostly straightforward. To be fair, I have written three or four drafts of each over the years, so there is a lot of base material to draw from.

The difference with the cdoncluding third book, Shattered By Light, is that there has never even been one draft. It has always had an ending, and it briefly had an awkward beginning — but no middle, nothing remotely approaching a complete narrative. This is an issue that I am finally going to remedy.

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Blog 542: Announcing freeDom

There is a lot wrong with When the Freedom Slips Away and This Wreckage, so I’ve decided that I need to scrap it all and start again. Today, ladies and gentlemen, I would like to present to you the franchise reboot you have all been secretly yearning for: the new beginning I call simply freeDom.

An empire, tormented by famine and poverty
A hero, haunted by his past
The promise of a bounteous land, far beyond the wastes
… They’ve just got to get there

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Blog 392: Did I Mention

… That is was exam season? I probably did.

This is why I haven’t, say, started replaying Baldur’s Gate as I desired to. There is also a considerable backlog of Mass Effect 2 Cerberus Network content that I have yet to experience (not to mention I need to complete the game without losing anyone… or Kelly ;_;).

So what have I been doing instead of studying?

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