Blog 745: Throwing Shade(rs)

Pretty much everything I do in Unity, I compare to what I could do in Warcraft III. One of the most surprising (to me at least) omissions was the ability to make custom materials. That is, being able to layer, blend and animate textures to create a final look for your characters.

In this strange modern worlds, such things require one to make shaders. That means a whole heap of extra programming work, and some pretty esoteric programming at that.

Then they invented lovely graph-based shader builders.

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Blog 650: (Inter)Face Cream

So I had this grand plan to use 3D objects in my game’s UI. I wanted to escape all the woes of having to create icons, and recreate them every time I fiddled with a design.

Like most of my dreams of course, it was never going to work.

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