Blog 574: NaNoWriM… Oh.

Writing is hard. You’d think it’s easy, just a tumble of words, but it isn’t. Not really.

Maybe the restrictions I feel are all self-imposed. Either way, this is a post mortem.

Politics. Bureaucracy. Mismanagement… I’ve got some bad news. The mission

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Blog 571: And Then I Go And Spoil It All…

… by doing something stupid like trying to write a novel in a month. Yeah!

It’s not going to end in tears, is it? Please, tell me it’s not going to end in tears. Ah, don’t worry, I know you can’t lie to me. It’s definitely going to end in tears.

November is National Novel Writing Month, apparently. Some people are going to be writing novels over the course of the month. For funzies. Totes.

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