Blog 497: The Witcher 2

As a product, The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings: Enhanced Edition is everything I want. A physical box, including a manual, map and soundtrack CD — a physical box with no forced ties to the internet, no useless extras but the niceties one needs. A huge singleplayer-only RPG.

I waited because, as with The Witcher, I knew this upgraded physical box would come, and come preloaded with all the extra gubbins. I want to play a finished game, not whatever incomplete lumps people tend to release first these days.

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Blog 459: Combat and The Witcher

I should like The Witcher. I really should. It’s a giant single-player action-RPG, full of sex (very little romance, though) and bad language. On paper, the only turn-off is the grimdark, and there’s enough banter to offset that.

In reality… I’m not so sure. The most prominently off-putting part of the game is its combat system, which seems to be trying to simultaneously pull itself in two entirely different directions — resulting in an unhappy mishmash.

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