Blog 585: The Elder Blogs: Perks of Skyrim

Since I am working on a sci-fi right now, it is only fitting that, in my off times, I immerse myself in the fantasies of others. So the lore doesn’t get too grungy, right? While I’m finally re-reading The Wheel of Time before going to bed (at the current consumption rate, I will be reading the series for approximately two years), I decided I needed a break from the hard graft of game development during the day with a bit of Elder Scrolls action.

I’ve only played Skyrim once before, but I haven’t bought any DLC or added any mods. I just kind of… felt like giving it another go. This triggered a train of thought about “perks”.

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Blog 495: The Elder Blogs: Skyrim

So, here we are at the modern age, having climbed up from the darkness of 1994.

I’ve been the Eternal Champion, rescuing Uriel Septim from Jagar Tharn by rebuilding the Staff of Chaos. I’ve been the random Blades agent who caused the Warp in the West, handing Numidium back to the Empire to crush those pesky warring kingdoms into line. I’ve been the Incarnate, Nerevar Reborn, ending Dagoth Ur’s evil blight and fulfilling the Bloodmoon Prophecy along the way. I’ve been the Hero of Kvatch and Saviour of Bruma, the Imperial Dogsbody who ushered in the end of the Third Era.

Now I have been the Dragonborn.

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Blog 490: The Elder Blogs: Oblivion

I haven’t played Oblivion since the first time. I skittered off it, though in a totally different manner than my first encounters with Morrowind. I played it through, played quite a lot of it, but it ultimately left me cold.

That was, however, a stupid number of years ago. It’s high time for a re-examination.

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Blog 488: The Elder Blogs: Bloodmoon

The thing that really stokes me about Bloodmoon is that it’s basically Vvardenfell in miniature, on a scale comprehensible to its players — and that means it’s possible to be a completist about it.

No tomb will be left unraided, no naked nord left standing. All of Solstheim will be mine.

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Blog 486: The Elder Blogs: Daggerfall

If Arena is the primordial soup, then Daggerfall is the pre-Cambrian explosion. You can tell they’re related, but bloody hell, the difference is astonishing. While Daggerfall is quite clearly the successor to Arena, it is also incredible leaps and bounds ahead of it — far more than the two year gap between the two games has any right to.

I don’t really know what to say about Daggerfall, though. While it is an incredible feat of strength, it is also a fairly poor and frequently broken game.

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Blog 483: The Elder Blogs: Arena

While Dungeon Lords constantly called glorious Morrowind to mind (though it could never reach those heights), recent escapades with DOSBox led me to believe I was ready to start playing the Elder Scrolls series from the beginning.

I downloaded The Elder Scrolls: Chapter One: The Arena from Bethesda’s website ages ago, because I knew that this day would come. Since Dungeon Lords was a bit of a damp squib, but I was still all fired up for an RPG, I finally took the plunge.

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