Blog 552: Inhale

It seems like you just can’t pre-order a limited edition Marsheaux album without a crisis. Bonus track compilation E-bay Queen is Dead took ages to arrive because of some quibbling with the manufacturer, and the same thing happened all over again with the limited edition version of their new album Inhale that I gleefully pre-ordered.

Sure, it’s a small run, but once the factory has committed to producing something they kind of have a duty to do so without constantly displacing it for larger clients… right?

Oh, the things I do for autographed loot.

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Blog 528: Crimbo Music

No, not festive tunes, but tunes I got from Santa. Ha! Fooled you!

This time we tackle both ends of the synth spectrum, with albums from 1982 and 2010. Yeah, I got a post-millenial album for crimbo. Imagine that!

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