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Blog 582: Excerpts From a Life of Naive Implementations

There is a goal I have, regarding this game project. I want to get to the point that I was with Warcraft III nine or ten years ago: everything is in place, and I just ride off into the sunset making and never finishing levels. I want my development kit to be such that I can just play around with scenarios, throwing them together so quickly it doesn’t matter if they don’t pan out. I have hundreds of these nascent Warcraft maps stacked away.

That goal is a long way away. Before I can even truly begin writing the engine, I have to get the tools in order.

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Blog 577: Series Y5: Alpha, Beta, Gamma

The best way to begin any project is to flesh out the core mythos. Unfortunately that’s spoilertastic meanderings that shoot off into an overblown space opera that is grander than I’ll ever be able to implement, so you’ll have to make do with a bit more artwork for now.

It is, after all, the most productive time of the year. (If I say this enough times, can it become a self-fulfilling prophecy?)

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Blog 570: Series Y5: The Delta

It’s important not to squander any opportunity to start anew. A reboot gives the opening for retcons, for trying new things. No, I’m not going to go all grimdark on you; I’m just going to make some details settle in better, because it’s also important that any reboot does not completely negate all the elements that made the original product what it is — if you’re doing that, you may as well just make a new franchise. (The games industry doesn’t seem to understand this point right now.)

Besides; new medium, new rules. Project Y4 was a Warcraft III mod and this is going to be a stand-alone. Once I’ve set this in stone, when people start forking over cash for the goods, then there will be no room for reboots. I’ve got to make this one count.

RDZ Industries is defined by its artwork, a heady combination of modernism constrained by, well, my own ability as a modeller. I am overall pleased with the artwork of Series Y4, but there are a few edges we need to deal with.

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Blog 569: The Final Push of Y4

The big reason I released Project Y4 R01 when I did was because I wanted it to exist in some finished form. I knew that the day would come that I would reach the end of the motivational line, and that day might come before I had implemented all that I once dreamt of implementing.

R02 has been dragging its heels for too long. It’s time to admit defeat and close the door.

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Modding, Project Y4, Warcraft III

Blog 562: The Balance of Y4 R02

I freely admit that Project Y4 has not been particularly well balanced so far. I don’t want it to be, necessarily — certainly not the point of eSports blandness like UT2k4 or Starcraft II — but on the other hand, comments about its difficulty have run the gamut from sheer impossibility to I-could-beat-Drizzt-with-both-hands-tied-behind-my-back.

The updates I have planned for R02 probably won’t help, but I’m going to try anyway.

(Half of this post contains SPOILERS for the finale, so play R01 right now if you haven’t already… or just don’t scroll down too far.)

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