Blog 608: Minimum Viable Home

So, last weekend, I finally got the last set of curtains for my flat. Custom-made because my lounge has two windows — I needed a roman blind and a pair of curtains that matched. Thank goodness they fit perfectly.

Still got loads of furniture still to get, but with the studio desk and lounge settee in place, and now all the windows sealed too, it’s fully armed and operational.

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Blog 595: First-Time Buyer

The very first time I ever played Baldur’s Gate, I stumbled upon Taerom Fuirim’s Thunderhammer Smithy in Beregost. In his stock, my eyes found a most glorious sight: Full Plate Mail, the most protective armour available in the game. (Actually, I think there’s Full Plate +1 somewhere, but I was only young and somewhat lacking in those completist tendencies that define me now.)

The problem was that it cost 9000 gold. 9000 gold, in a world where I’d barely spent 100 on all my starting gear. 9000 gold was unthinkable. I spent half of the game scrimping and saving, scraping together all that gold so I could outfit Robe the Fighter like a god damn king.

Eventually, I made it, and I gleefully bought that armour.

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