Blog 724: Close, But No Biscuit — Alien vs. Predator

From the name, you’re all thinking that Alien vs. Predator is a dodgy franchise cash-in. Cheap cross-over, exploit two fanbases, job done?

In one sense, yes, it’s a bit hammy and less refined than some of its predecessors. In another sense, though, no — as an Alien prequel it holds up really really well. All the fun of Ancient Astronauts but done properly and plausibly, with coherent links to the other films but nothing too forced, continued themes of an uncaring universe rather than putting humanity at the centre of it… If you genuinely like Alien and Aliens, then Alien vs. Predator is actually a very good extrapolation. And it’s fun!


Blog 501: Movie Night IV

With the DVDs weighing in at a total cost of precisely five pounds (bless you, sweet bargain basment), I think this may be the cheapest Movie Night ever. Then again, this could have been counterbalanced by the sky-rocketing price of cinema tickets these days.

Showing this week were SerenityTristan & Isolde, Prometheus and The Objective.

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