Blog 526: A Space Mod Came Travelling Y4

As the old Andy Willams song goes, “it’s the most productive time of the year”. Project Y4 might have been on the backburner since its release, and Brownscape: Torment may be revving up in the shadows (it might even have a proper name soon), but three years after Arena Y4 surfed into life in the run up to crimbo, it seems only right that we take the season of joy and love to open up the dialogue about R02 — the long-prophesied content-focused update.

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Blog 509: Release Date: Y4 R01

On Sunday, I played through Project Y4. That’s nothing new; I’ve been playing varying bits of it regularly for ages.

The difference is that this time, I went start to finish without using a single debug cheat. I don’t know if you remember that particular milestone from This Wreckage‘s development cycle? Maybe you don’t, but I think you can imagine what it means.

It means that Project Y4 R01 is almost ready. It means that I’m going to announce a release date. It is, for better or for worse, quite soon.

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Blog 507: Release Strategy Y4

I don’t like playing incomplete maps, but they’re all the rage these days. Put out an endless “beta”, where the main quest just stops halfway through, and pretend to everyone that you’ll ever actually finish making the damn thing.

So it’s always been my philosophy that things should be released when they are complete (barring the inevitable fields of bug fixes).

Of course, with something on the scale of Project Y4 I’m beginning to realise that this may not be the best strategy…

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