Blog 608: Minimum Viable Home

So, last weekend, I finally got the last set of curtains for my flat. Custom-made because my lounge has two windows — I needed a roman blind and a pair of curtains that matched. Thank goodness they fit perfectly.

Still got loads of furniture still to get, but with the studio desk and lounge settee in place, and now all the windows sealed too, it’s fully armed and operational.

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Blog 494: Forever Alone at the Cinema

Last week, since I was on holiday the whole time and totally spent 100% of it working on Project Y4 and not playing Lego or working on LoneWiki or generally doing any other stuff at all, I decided to eat some hours by sweeping my rusty old bones to the cinema, to see John Carter in the morning of the Monday and Wrath of the Titans in the afternoon of the Friday…

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