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Blog 513: The Hardware Review

For my birthday, I got a new mouse and keyboard. Proper ones, I mean, not just another round of el cheapo accompaniments. For my gaming pleasure… You know, all those modern games I don’t enjoy play.

So since I’ve had some time to play a few games with them (Unreal Tournament, Crysis 2, Saints Row the Third, and currently in the middle of Unreal Tournament 3) I suppose it’s time to do a little reviewing…

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Blog 372: Sensitivity

Some of you might remember me crying about my recent performance in first-person shooters; long story short, my aim wasn’t what it used to be, and not just from lack of practice.

“What has happened to me? Have my wrists grown slack from old age? Have my once razor-fine reflexes been dulled by too much programming? Did I sell my pinpoint accuracy to the devil in exchange for the ability to dance?”

— Rao Dao Zao, Blog 346: Aim

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