Blog 595: First-Time Buyer

The very first time I ever played Baldur’s Gate, I stumbled upon Taerom Fuirim’s Thunderhammer Smithy in Beregost. In his stock, my eyes found a most glorious sight: Full Plate Mail, the most protective armour available in the game. (Actually, I think there’s Full Plate +1 somewhere, but I was only young and somewhat lacking in those completist tendencies that define me now.)

The problem was that it cost 9000 gold. 9000 gold, in a world where I’d barely spent 100 on all my starting gear. 9000 gold was unthinkable. I spent half of the game scrimping and saving, scraping together all that gold so I could outfit Robe the Fighter like a god damn king.

Eventually, I made it, and I gleefully bought that armour.

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