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Blog 547: Back to Basics: The Oasis

While revisiting material for the SPRPG Diaries, I’ve ended up replaying as many unsavoury maps as I have classy ones that I’ve eventually presented to you. Even so, some of these have got me to thinking that I do actually enjoy the very basics of WC3 RPGs: RTS controls on a single hero with a pleasant suite of abilities. (By the way, if you’ve spotted something that might be worth a punt for the Diaries, do drop me a line.)

I attempted to play a very recent RPG campaign release a couple of weeks ago, and I was struck by how… Well, crap it was. It had lavish terrain, all the HD imported art you could imagine — but the game itself was pretty much nonexistent, even in terms of attack-move-and-unload-spells-to-win. How difficult can it be to set up a compelling little hero with meaty abilities and set him loose on a world of creeps? Apparently too difficult for some. (I guess “don’t fill him up with passives” is a good start. Critical Strike and Evasion may make for a “realistic” combat system, but it’s hella boring to operate.)

So I got to thinking about going back to basics, stripping away all the weapons systems, backpacks and triggered knockbacks, to see if WC3 can actually stand on its own out-the-box RPG-lite hind legs.

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Blog 532: RDZ Industries: Arena Y4 RELEASED

DOWNLOAD RDZ Industries: Arena Y4 NOW at ModDBRDZ Industries: Arena Y4

Yeah, so Arena Y4. Sure, I spent a whole day doing a massive binge, and to be fair, did accomplish the bulk of the work; but after the bulk of the work, came the bulk of the work — fiddling with it and sanding off all the rough edges. I kind of played rather a lot of Fallout: New Vegas and its myriad DLCs instead of working, hence the delay.

But now, ladies and gentlemen, I would now like to present to you… Arena Y4.

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Blog 477: Ultimate Unreal Binge Interlude

I like the Unreal universe, and all of the Unreal games (yes, even the oft-lambasted UT3). I’ve reviewed some of the Unreal games multiple times, and some none at all — but since I haven’t played any one of them all the way through for a little while now, I thought it would be a nice exercise to play all of them all the way through. Back to back.

  • Unreal, Return to Na Pali
  • Unreal Tournament
  • Operation: Na Pali
  • Unreal II: the Awakening
  • Unreal Tournament 2004
  • Unreal Tournament 3

What do you mean, Operation: Na Pali is a mod and not an Unreal game. Have you ever played it?

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Blog 399: Doubt

I waited a long time for Starcraft II. It looked so promising, and considering my experiences with the editor so far during the beta, it really is. But there are murmurings surrounding the massive pile of intrusive DRM and data-mining systems that is Battle.Net 2.0 that have made me question whether I really want to support this game at all.

Could it really be back to Warcraft III, after all this?

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