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Blog 788: This Is The Rhythm Of the Knife

I’ve made no secret of the fact that Exon‘s core loop is based on Westwood’s classic and criminally-underrated action-RPG Nox. This manifests itself most clearly in the movement system: hold the right mouse button to cause your hero to walk towards the cursor, leading them around the world like a little mouse following the cheese.

Similarly, I took the melee attack system, where each click causes a single sword slash, damaging whatever has the poor fortune of standing in your blade’s path.

Except then I realised that, actually, I didn’t. Nox has a more complex and interesting “stamina” system controlling its attacks than my naive cooldown attempt, and it contributes immensely to all the feelings I had been struggling to recapture.

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Game Development

Blog 670: I’d Like a Sword With You

What’s in a melee attack? A sword as swung in any other way would cut as deep — or clip through as much geometry, in this case. Video games!

I’m not worried about clipping, though. I’m worried about control schemes and how to organise my animations to fit. Since melee attacks are going to be the core combat mechanic of all games I intend to make henceforth, there is just a teensy bit of pressure to get it right.

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