Blog 656: Terrain Up the Night (Part 3)

Voxel terrain doesn’t work if it’s just blank boxes. (Actually that’s a complete lie — there are plenty of examples of beautiful games made using only flat colours and shading.) So how does a lone wolf amateur get terrain that doesn’t look like, to coin a phrase, programmer art? I’ve talked about texturing before but it’s taken a while to settle on an approach and get something more than experiments out of it.

It probably still looks like programmer art, but I take comfort in my delusions.

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Blog 630: Bloggenstein: The New Order

So, several months after I actually got the physical box of the game, I finally managed to play Wolfenstein: The New Order, all thanks to a horrendous, mandatory, 10GB patch — 10GB being one month’s download cap, meaning I had to let it download in stages… over months. Because Steam couldn’t possibly let me play the game unpatched, no sirree.

Bah, first world problem. I have some shooting to do.

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Blog 622: RAGE

You know, Daedalus could actually have run Rage… though probably in the same way that my computer before that “could run” Supreme Commander and Unreal Tournament 3 (to clarify: a combination of those two games (and a very hot processor and terrible internal layout) melted its graphics card).

Anyway, I added it to my crimbo list because I’m always in the mood for a solid, brown, narrative-driven shooter. What could possibly go wrong?

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