Blog 455: Driving Sideways

After listening to Faunts’ EP M4 on Spotify a few times too many, I reinstalled Mass Effect.

The game’s cute little tank, the Mako, has always been a controversial subject. Some people love it, some people hate it… Actually, from my experience, most people hate it.

But is their hate justified? Does it really add anything to the game? Could Mass Effect have been better without it, or did it just need a little more spit and polish?

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Blog 370: The Elder Drakensang’s Gate Effect Nights: Origins

Dragon Age: Origins is a glorious amalgamation of every RPG I’ve ever played. I mean, really — all of them.

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Blog 366: End Sequences

I completed Mass Effect yesterday, and with the power of Pinnacle Station managed to reach a curb-stomping level 57.

It’s hard to say where a game’s “end sequence” really begins. I think the only definition I can apply is “when you realise that shit just got real.” It’s when you’ve just uncovered the bad guy’s last secret and you’re now on the all-out assault on his base. An assault from which you cannot return, naturally.

I love dramatic finales, so I’m going to consider some for this blog. Spoilers for Mass Effect, Unreal II, Deus Ex and Sonic 3 & Knuckles may ensue, so don’t say I didn’t warn you.

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Blog 364: Mass Effect Tournament?

Since I paid the princely sum of £3.99 for Mass Effect‘s latest downloadable content pack, Pinnacle Station, I feel the right to lambast it horribly.

Well, I can’t lambast it horribly; it was all right. It wasn’t £3.99 all right, though — maybe closer to £1.99. Especially since the previous DLC, Bring Down the Sky, came out free for PC users.

Grumble grumble.

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