Blog 632: Little Big Adventure 2

LBA2 is one of the first games I ever ever ever played. It came with our first ever PC, as part of the “Family Pack” along with other classics like Need For Speed 2 and… er… I don’t remember what else. Probably classics. Family classics.

Haven’t played it for ages, of course, and certainly haven’t ever blogged more than oblique mentions of it. I played the original Little Big Adventure a while ago and found it thoroughly traumatic, but LBA2 has always had a firm place in my heart. It’s not as traumatic.

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Blog 468: Little Big Adventure

Little Big Adventure 2 came with our first computer, as part of the “family pack”. That was more than ten years ago. It took  a couple of tries to get into (for my brain that hadn’t quite grasped how to games yet), but once I did it was a delightful experience that just kept on giving.

So I’ve been waiting about ten years for its prequel, the original Little Big Adventure (Relentless: Twinsen’s Adventure according to some screens), to be somehow re-released so that I could bask in the series’ origins.

Just scant weeks ago, fulfulled that wish.

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