Blog 861: Robbie Enterprises Movie Company 2

I used to burn a lot of stuff to CD-Rs. Back in the day, it seemed like a reasonable way to keep stuff safe for… well, ever. Joke’s on me — burned CD-Rs have about a 20-year lifespan and, yes indeed, we are approaching that cut-off. I figured it was time to rescue what could be rescued and transfer everything to more reliable external hard drives. (Whether or not any of this junk is worth saving is another matter entirely.)

And then I discovered a whole heap of Lego stop-motion movies I had totally forgotten about. Enjoy!

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Blog 840: Robbie Enterprises Movie Company

When I was a teenager in secondary school, before I’d been suckered into Warcraft III modding, I dabbled in stop motion animation. I got Lego MindStorms not long after our first family PC, and maybe a year or two later, the Vision Command expansion pack. The LegoCam was just a Logitech QuickCam in sheep’s clothing, but since that clothing had proper, official Lego studs and was perfectly-sized, you could build it securely into a model.

Eventually the world moved on. Driver support for the LegoCam ended and all that obsolete tech was relegated to the cupboard. Until…

My parents recently cleaned out their attic. I once again have a Windows XP computer. Can I make it any more obvious?

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Blog 833: LEGO Rock Raiders

LEGO Rock Raiders was a formative game for me — it’s the reason why I’m called Rao Dao Zao.

Previously, when playing Baldur’s Gate, I’d made my real name “Robbie” marginally more fantastical by shortening it to “Robe” (shush, I was only 11 or 12). In Rock Raiders, when you hover the mouse over things, the name of the thing is read out, and one of the vehicles is “The Loader Dozer”. For some reason, my mind saw fit to repeat this voice clip over and over and eventually swap “Load” for “Robe” to form “The Rober Dozer”. Finally, if you slur “The Rober Dozer” really hard you end up with… Rao Dao Zao. (I guess it should really be “Rao Bao Dao Zao”, but Bao somehow never entered into the equation.)

Why is this relevant? Because after I rebuilt my Windows XP machine with true 2004-era components, I got Rock Raiders running. So let’s take a step back in time, to before “Lego Game” was a whole genre of licensed tie-ins, to the heady days of 1999…

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Blog 548: The Golden Dragon

With the advent of proper golden plastic, rather than foil-wrapped strange-milky-white bits, I guess a set like this was inevitable. I remember when mirrored silver pieces were exciting rarities until the foil chipped off — now it’s hard to buy a set that doesn’t have a few softly metallised gold or silver pieces.

So I jumped ship from a job recently, and (as is surely going to become a lifelong tradition) was gifted with Lego by my esteemed colleagues.

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Blog 530: Fallout: New Vegas

It’s Oblivion-With-Guns 2!

A long long time ago, in a galaxy far far away, I was shopping and I made an observation: “… I’m not particularly interested in Fallout: New Vegas (could be a candidate for a cheap GOTYE once they stop releasing DLC, though… call me in two years)”.

Hey, you! Just over two years have passed and there was a £14.99 Definitive Edition right there in Game begging to have crimbo money spent on it!

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Blog 519: Combo Model

So I mentioned a while ago that I got Black Phantom for my birthday. It somehow — somehow — escaped my notice that Black Phantom can be combined with another model to make… another model. Perhaps this is because I didn’t get half a bonus instruction set, but rather a cryptic message telling me to hit the Lego website.

Well, the site has been hit and the bonustructions downloaded, so let’s see if this combo model lazily fizzles out at a Double Kill or will reach a HOLY SHIT greater than the sum of its parts…

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Blog 506: 5884 Raptor Chase

I’ve had this Lego model for a little while now, but it’s pretty baller so I really have to be effusive about it (I enjoy being effusive, even though being angry tends to get better ratings). I originally intended it to be one for the office, but it’s just too damn bad-ass for that (the office is now dominated by space ninjas and their impractically bladed vehicles).

So this is 5884 Raptor Chase, of the 2012 “Dino” range. It’s composed of three discrete sections: the Hellbender, the Raptor and the Base.

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Blog 465: All Bricked Up

Relatively recently that I’ve finally reached the critical mass of Lego Star Wars sets that I’ve decided to start doing things with them (I’m a bit anal about mixing different ranges — we’re very lucky I’ve got expanded universe and original trilogy sets mixed up here).

So of a Saturday night, when it’s past bed-time but there’s still a good hour or two of the modern equivalent of Classic Dance Saturday left…

Lego is wonderful.

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