Blog 841: The Wheel of Time

I didn’t really get on with The Wheel of Time series of books. I enjoyed some of them the first time around, but tried to re-read them more recently and decided by about book 4 that life was too short. While I enjoyed the prose, the overall plot seemed incredibly stodgy, with months of travelling between important locations and nothing much of consequence happening. Also many of the characters are kind of annoying.

But as you all know, I love a late-90s FPS, and yes — there was a Wheel of Time FPS made in Unreal Engine 1 back in the day. I’ve known about this game for years (indeed, the premier UnrealScript IDE, WOTgreal, was built for it) but it has been somewhat inaccessible… Until now. Yep, it’s been re-released on gog and oh, my body is so ready.

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Blog 675: Unreal II

Unreal II: The Awakening was Mass Effect before the world was ready for Mass Effect. A lone wolf saving the galaxy from an ancient evil, cruising about their own spaceship doing things their way? Saving the galaxy while helping your crew make peace with their pasts? Moderately hard sci-fi? Horrendously long level loading times? It’s all here!

Don’t get me wrong, I adore Unreal II, but there’s no denying a certain level of jankiness that a Mass Effect-level budget could probably have smoothed over. Even so, Unreal II got there first.

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