Blog 586: A Princess of Blogs

I recently found myself travelling on a seven-hour flight to Canada. Seven hours is quite a long time, especially combined with all the faffing about at check-in and security and duty free on top. But a trans-Atlantic holiday is a trans-Atlantic holiday and one must, if not travel light, then travel fairly middle-weight. That means no huge tomes — no Wheel of Time volumes, for example. (What a shame.)

After successfully passing probation at my current job, my employer kindly gifted me with a Kindle that I had no earthly reason ever to use, not being much of a world traveller and having cute netbook Astradyne reserved for Art on the commuter trains to Edinburgh.

A Kindle is, luckily, fair replacement for actual books when weight and centre of gravity become concerns, as in long-haul air travel. So all I needed was to find some e-books, and Project Gutenberg saw fit to furnish me with a text of elder aspect but recent interest…

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Blog 555: Movie Night V – Part 2

People make this “living alone” lark look easy. Spoiler, pal: it ain’t.

With Prince of Persia last week and a Princess of Mars (John Carter) plus new BBC drama The White Queen this week, it seems like this year’s theme is “royalty”. I guess  Robin Hood: Beyond Sherwood Forest doesn’t entirely fit that theme, though it had a side character prince in it.

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Blog 494: Forever Alone at the Cinema

Last week, since I was on holiday the whole time and totally spent 100% of it working on Project Y4 and not playing Lego or working on LoneWiki or generally doing any other stuff at all, I decided to eat some hours by sweeping my rusty old bones to the cinema, to see John Carter in the morning of the Monday and Wrath of the Titans in the afternoon of the Friday…

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