Blog 604: Invisible Endings

That Invisible War, eh? I just couldn’t put it down, even when the dreaded black screen crashes started blitzing the immersion even worse than the lengthy loading screens already did (the fix seems to be to End Task on DX2Main but not Ion Loader; after a minute or two, it will spontaneously relaunch the game, loading where you left off).

So, we could have established that maybe Invisible War might not actually be all that bad after all, but it definitely does get ugly as the finale approaches. Thematically ugly, that is; the gameplay remains consistent.

Considerable spoilers this time.

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Blog 603: Invisible Phwoar

I don’t know if I’m going mellow in my old age, or if it’s a symptom of inevitable brain decay, but I am feeling forced to admit that there is something compelling about the ill-advised Deus Ex sequel Invisible War. (My previous examination of the game was hardly complementary. Was I really so angry back then? … What do you mean, “you still are”?)

My biggest concern is that it is beginning to feel somehow more compelling than the ill-advised prequel, which was at least a pretty good game even if it was painful in a lot of other aspects.

I need to try to nail this feeling down and contain it before I end up doing something stupid like conceding that Invisible War actually exists.

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Blog 404: Invisible Sequel

Deus Ex has no sequel. It really doesn’t. It might, might just have a prequel in a little while. But it most definitely has no sequel.

So why did I feel the urge to replay Invisible War, and finally give in to it? It’s hard to imagine how one could go so wrong after the triumph that was Deus Ex, and next to the very solid continuation of the Thief franchise in Deadly Shadows.

I played this game once, and once only. “It can’t be that bad,” I thought in the shop. “Somebody will have modded it to be like the real Deus Ex,” I thought. Oh no. It was that bad, and there was no editor.

So here follow, in no particular order, a number of gripes. Sadly, these are by no means everything that is wrong with Invisible War. Spoilers are almost guaranteed to ensure, but really, they don’t matter because they’re for a game that doesn’t exist. Spoilers for Deus Ex may ensue by accident, but they don’t matter because you already know the game inside-out.

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