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Blog 380: This Wreckage Version Gamma: RELEASED

As His Majesty the Emperor’s Expedition Force sets down on the shores of a mysterious continent, dark forces are already waiting…

This Wreckage is a massive singleplayer action-adventure RPG map for Warcraft III: the Frozen Throne. Version Gamma is compatible only with version 1.24+ of Warcraft III, due to additional editor features added to the game in that version.

I hope it’s worth it.

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Blog 379: Quick Update

Nothing much to say except that This Wreckage version Gamma is undergoing the final stages of testing. With about two weeks to go until Mass Effect 2, I should be done in plenty of time.

I completed a run which required only a few very minor adjustments. Shados has so far also found only very minor things. Things are looking very promising. Hence the changes to the This Wreckage page up there.

I don’t want to announce a date until the map is actually finished, because knowing my luck a real show-stopper of a bug will appear that takes weeks to fix as soon as I say one. But soon.

And when I say “soon”, I really do mean it. A matter of days? It’s more likely than you think.

Isn’t it so exciting?

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Blog 378: Alpha Beta Gamma

Some of you might have noticed the This Wreckage button that has appeared on the navigation bar above the blog. You might also have noticed it was password protected for a while, because according to my blog stats quite a lot of you have clicked on it since it appeared.

This page is, naturally, in preparation for This Wreckage Version Gamma, which is, as I’m sure you’re all aware, still under construction. Since RDZNet has been empty and useless for a considerable period of time, I have decided to wind it down. There are 95 days left on the domain, but the site has been pared down to little more than a redirection to here.

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Blog 375: Re-Attempt Y4

Coming steaming into crimbo, I’ve been in a frenzy of productivity not seen for a long time. It all started on monday night; since it’s the holiday so I don’t actually do anything all day, I have trouble getting to sleep. So I was lying awake, thinking about whatever, and came up with a solution to a problem that has plagued me for quite some time…

Fans of RDZ Industries may or may not be overjoyed. Fans of This Wreckage will be dismayed that I haven’t worked on it for the last five days. I’m sorry; this is too good an opportunity to pass up. I haven’t been this productive for a long time.

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