Blog 762: Machine Reborn

There comes a time in everyone’s life when their computer dies unexpectedly. To be honest, I should be glad I’ve lasted twenty-odd years of computing without it ever happening. Every machine I’ve discarded has been because I wanted more power, not because they were from life untimely ripped.

Alas, it happened a few weeks ago to dear old Helios (named for the AI in Deus Ex), about 4 and a half years into his projected 5 to 6 year lifespan. This is the story of his death… and his resurrection.

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Blog 612: A New Age

I was aware that the Daedalus system had become unreliable. Icarus was supposed to be the same system with a few modifications.

Icarus never panned out. The problem was just too hard. I blew through a lot of high-minded intentions but finally had to scrap the whole project.


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