Blog 650: (Inter)Face Cream

So I had this grand plan to use 3D objects in my game’s UI. I wanted to escape all the woes of having to create icons, and recreate them every time I fiddled with a design.

Like most of my dreams of course, it was never going to work.

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Blog 637: (Inter)Face the Facts

Let it never be said that Rao Dao Zao picks the easy option. Following on from the recent discussion of the general direction in which I’d like to carry my interface, I took a stab at actually building it.

Naturally, things did not go entirely to plan.

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Blog 635: So’s Your (Inter)face

I deliberately left off doing any UI work at all in my game, because when I first fired up Unity the UI system was on the cusp of being replaced. Well, with the advent of Unity 5 (well, the tail end of 4) that replacement has arrived — so maybe it’s time I put some thought into health bars and stuff so you can actually, you know, keep track of your own status?

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