Blog 421: New Blogs, New Toys — OMD Live 2010

It’s not often that a band who are consistently brilliant live manage to surpass themselves; but regardless of the logistics of how they managed it, Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark delivered a stellar performance on Tuesday the 2nd at the Glasgow Royal Concert Hall, in aid of their new album History of Modern.

My legs hurt. My arms hurt. My damn midriff hurts. These, however, are the hallmarks of an absolutely bangin’ night.

With holidays taken so that I could prepare in style by listening to their entire back catalogue, the evening couldn’t come soon enough. A proper concert is one of the few things in my life I can actually get properly excited about.

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Blog 403: Graduation

So after spending four years slaving away at a degree, the university finally gave me the piece of paper that makes it real (inside a toilet-roll tube).

Of course, being an ancient university steeped in ridiculous tradition, this isn’t just a matter of them posting it to you. No. You’ve got to get it at a ceremony.

On Friday, Rao Dao Zao became Rao Dao Zao B.Sc. Hons.

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Blog 371: The Blogging Principle – Gary Numan LIVE 2009

Those Pleasure Principle tickets had been sitting on my for months. When I get a whiff of a concert, I damn well get my oar in as soon as possible (and in the case of Ultravox’s Return to Eden tour, I placed my order under a minute after they went on sale). Of course this leaves a lot of time for tension to build.

So Gary Numan played The Pleasure Principle at the ABC last night (which has been remodelled, and no longer has a cloakroom?!).

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