Blog 542: Announcing freeDom

There is a lot wrong with When the Freedom Slips Away and This Wreckage, so I’ve decided that I need to scrap it all and start again. Today, ladies and gentlemen, I would like to present to you the franchise reboot you have all been secretly yearning for: the new beginning I call simply freeDom.

An empire, tormented by famine and poverty
A hero, haunted by his past
The promise of a bounteous land, far beyond the wastes
… They’ve just got to get there

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Blog 540: System Shock 2

I’ve never played System Shock 1, so this is a bit of a departure from the usual rules in the name of… Well, legend. The name System Shock 2 has echoed throughout the ages, especially around the hallowed halls of Deus Ex, so when it appeared on and people assured me that I didn’t need to play the first game to “get it”, I knew it was only a matter of time before I took the plunge.

So with Divinity II sadly squared away (I wanted moaaar), it’s time to trade irreverent fantasy for gloomy sci-fi horror…

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Blog 538: Divinity Discourses: More Divinity II

It’s always a nice feeling when you’re too drawn-in by a game to write blogs about it. But I’m sure you have the appropriate intestinal fortitude to stomach slightly longer gaps between entries than usual, dear reader…

It’s also a nice feeling when you can heap praise on something. There’s always that worry when you get a new game that you just might not like it, and that’s kind of awkward. Luckily, there have been no such issues with Divinity II, so let’s look at a few more things that I completely forgot to mention last time

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