Blog 622: RAGE

You know, Daedalus could actually have run Rage… though probably in the same way that my computer before that “could run” Supreme Commander and Unreal Tournament 3 (to clarify: a combination of those two games (and a very hot processor and terrible internal layout) melted its graphics card).

Anyway, I added it to my crimbo list because I’m always in the mood for a solid, brown, narrative-driven shooter. What could possibly go wrong?

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Blog 589: The Glory of the Late-90s FPS is a wonderful thing. All these late-90s FPSes, that I was too young and lacking in computing power to appreciate at the time, are suddenly available for extremely reasonable prices.

While I was just meandering around a while ago, I stumbled across Shogo – Mobile Armor Division and figured it’d be worth a punt some time in the future. I added it to my wishlist against the day I could be bothered.

Last weekend, it came on sale. As is always the way, I took the plunge.

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Blog 578: Through the Borderlands 2

The main thing I wanted from Borderlands 2 was more Claptrap.

Borderlands the first was fairly solid but tended to wear a bit thin by the end of a run. Its sequel promised more variety and more madness, and most importantly of all, a bit more fluff for us poor singleplayers who have no friends.

Since I’m too old for Santa to bring me prezzies, I treated myself to Borderlands 2: Game of the Year Edition for crimbo.

Shall we?

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Blog 568: The Nomad Soul

“Save often… but save points are limited.” Why was this approach ever fashionable? Sometimes dinner waits for no man and being unable to save because you’re not at a handy checkpoint is the most extreme form of frustration.

Omikron: The Nomad Soul is from 1999, well after Unreal allowed you to save anywhere you wanted. We had the technology! Either way, this peculiar genre-bending game has a soundtrack by David Bowie. I don’t think this is good or bad (I’ve never been into Bowie at all), but it’s amusing so I’m going to keep repeating this fact as justification for everything. Another drinking game?

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Blog 565: Daikatana

I remember reading about Daikatana when I was a young boy. When our first computer was new, when its 500MHz processor was unthinkably powerful, when the Y2K bug loomed large, when games were some strange wild frontier that was probably a bit too violent for me…

Daikatana, they said in all the magazines I had begun to survey, was one of the worst games ever made. I don’t remember finding out quite why; indeed, I didn’t have much of a sense of my own taste back then anyway. (This was before my family gave in to that whole violence thing and got me Unreal Tournament for crimbo.)

So when it came up in a sale for $2.39, I thought… Why the hell not?

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Blog 553: Blog-Life

I remember the first, and only, time I played Half-Life. It was Christmas — I got it along with Starcraft (another disappointment), The Very Best of the Human League and A-ha’s glorious Scoundrel Days.

I had a horrendous allergic reaction to it. I absolutely hated it. The nonsensical story, that nasal suit voice, the lack of music… It basically managed to rub me up so completely the wrong way that I buried it, relegating it to the hidden DVD rack along with Neverwinter Nights and Invisible War. Yes, that bad.

But that was… oh, five years ago? Six? Seven? Maybe it’s time to give it another try. Will the hate disappear, be reinforced, or simply turn to abject apathy in the face of aging mediocrity?

Spoilers in here. Do I need a spoiler warning for a 15-year-old game?

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Blog 511: Crysis 2

Game actually had a reasonable selection of PC titles when I dropped in last week. I was tempted by all of Dawn of War for £20 or Command & Conquer: The First Decade for a tenner, until I remembered that I’m rubbish at strategies and don’t actually like them that much.

So, in the mood for something a little more disposable, and since I rather enjoyed its predecessor, I settled for Crysis 2

There are a few spoilers in here, so if you’re sensitive and/or you care you should probably hold off.

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