Blog 731: Dress-up Age: Overload

You know that thing where offers you a DRM-free version of a thing for literal pocket change, and it includes all the DLC you never had the first time? Yeah?

Well, I hadn’t played Dragon Age: Origins for a few years and I was kind of in the mood so, £3.49 later, here we are. In playing it, I’ve remembered just how… well, broad it is. In order to manage your party of companions effectively there are a lot of decisions to be made about how to equip them, and though in the right doses that’s quite fun I feel that maybe Dragon Age has gone a bit overboard…

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Blog 646: The Devaluation of Items

I like equipment in games. There’s a thrill to finding a new, better sword, that looks cooler and does more damage. But it seems to me that more and more games are somehow getting equipment… wrong. Everything seems to have less value, everything seems more disposable. There’s no thrill anymore, just a treadmill of incremental but almost invisible advances.

I don’t want this.

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Modding, Project Y4, Warcraft III

Blog 454: The Dreaded Fatal Error Y4

Building Project Y4 completely from the ground up was supposed to stave off the mysterious and spurious fatal errors on loading saved games that sometimes plagued This Wreckage. I assumed I had introduced some artefact along the way, since This Wreckage was built directly on RDZArena was built directly on When the Freedom Slips Away.

Alas, there is obviously something I keep doing that appears legitimate but that the game takes issue with, for during testing a few nights ago I got some fatals. This will be oh so joyous to debug…

In other news, though, the AP-AM now has available to it a raft of permanent upgrades.

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