Blog 538: Divinity Discourses: More Divinity II

It’s always a nice feeling when you’re too drawn-in by a game to write blogs about it. But I’m sure you have the appropriate intestinal fortitude to stomach slightly longer gaps between entries than usual, dear reader…

It’s also a nice feeling when you can heap praise on something. There’s always that worry when you get a new game that you just might not like it, and that’s kind of awkward. Luckily, there have been no such issues with Divinity II, so let’s look at a few more things that I completely forgot to mention last time

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Blog 537: Divinity Discourses: Divinity II

So here we are at the main event. Divine Divinity and Beyond Divinity both had their ups, downs and horrendous lows, but they’re basically irrelevant now because Divinity II is a totally different game. Sure, there are a few attitudinal hangovers, and the continuation of the same story arc…

But Divinity II is not a slightly confused tactical/action RPG. Divinity II is a fully armed and operational 3rd person action RPG, and it is glorious.

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