Blog 525: Divinity Discourses: More Divine Divinity

I think most of my comments about Divine Divinity‘s difficulty stemmed from how badly I arsed up the introduction — right down to being unable to access a giant tomb full of nice level 1 and 2 skeletons that would have been ripe for my fledgling Survivor. But no, I had to completely miss the manuscript on the floor with the instructions on how to get in and give up. I got in at level 24 and… Well, didn’t get much useful experience out of it.

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Blog 524: Divinity Discourses: Divine Divinity

As with all serials, one must start at the beginning, lest spoilers and rewinding technology spell disaster. Divine Divinity may have one of the most redundant names this side of an actual comedy, but the back of the box suggests that PC Gamer put it in their “top 100 games of all time” list.

I’ve probably not played many more than a hundred games in my life, so I suspect it will be markedly easier to get that dubious honour from me.

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