Blog 576: DLChonored

Life just wouldn’t be worth living with expansion packs. Except now expansion packs are, instead of monolithic brain-meltingly brilliant additions like Age of Empires II‘s The Conquerors or Warcraft III‘s The Frozen Throne, little bite-sized portion-controlled microtransacted chunks. (Not convinced that the sum total of the bonus content here is as big or strong as either of those, but at the time it probably sold for as much, if not more.)

Which is the main reason I wait for GOTYEs these days. No fuss, just a disc full of everything. Buying a complete game — fancy that!

So now it’s time to delve into Dishonored‘s extra appendages.

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Blog 575: Dishonored

Dreadful spelling aside, Dishonored piqued my interest for supposedly being a bit like Deus Ex and Thief and all that. Seeing as we all know what I think about Deus Ex and I rather enjoy a bit of Thief: Deadly Shadows (never played 1, never completed 2; heresy!), it sat firmly on my radar…

Of course, I didn’t want to jump in too early — so fast forward however long it takes for DLC cycles to run these days, and here I am with a complete Game of the Year Edition.

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