Modding, Project Y4, Warcraft III

Blog 439: Form Defined By Function Y4

This kind of explanation is probably long overdue. You’ve probably witnessed my fluster as you criticise the RDZ Industries design philosophy; I’m not very good at responding under pressure or fast-talking, so I am usually unable to marshal the true backstory.

So here is the carefully constructed and reasonably complete account of why RDZ Industries looks the way it does.

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Modding, Project Y4, Warcraft III

Blog 409: Swansong Y4

Since I now own Starcraft II and seem set to move to it as a modding platform, I want to give Warcraft III the true send-off it deserves for its seven years of hard service.

I want to do something that I’ve been trying unsuccessfully to do for pretty much the length of that time. Something that I re-attempted quite recently, and then… surreptitiously dropped.

I am going to bring RDZ Industries to Warcraft III. And this time, I will not fail.

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