Blog 511: Crysis 2

Game actually had a reasonable selection of PC titles when I dropped in last week. I was tempted by all of Dawn of War for £20 or Command & Conquer: The First Decade for a tenner, until I remembered that I’m rubbish at strategies and don’t actually like them that much.

So, in the mood for something a little more disposable, and since I rather enjoyed its predecessor, I settled for Crysis 2

There are a few spoilers in here, so if you’re sensitive and/or you care you should probably hold off.

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Blog 467: Far Cry

Ninety-nine pence. Ninety-nine pence.

Oh glorious days of the bargain bin classics range, where did you disappear to? Digital download, no doubt. But it’s just not the same.

An entertainment shop recently opened up next to Central Station. They had original boxes of Unreal Tournament 2oo3. I can only assume they snapped up the bottoms of all the barrels and decided they could sell them. Well, I can’t talk — I went in and bought something — Far Cry. For 99p.

I also got a copy of Jean Michel Jarre’s Oxygene (lack of accents and hyphens may or may not be erroneous there) for £2.99, which is much better than £25 for the digital remaster (and that doesn’t even have bonus tracks, so nothing is lost — the mastery on this edition is bro tier anyway).

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