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Blog 417: Procedural Generation Y4

I’ve always wanted to get into procedural content generation. So I’ve decided to attempt to implement it in Project Y4: the node-hacking minigame will require you to navigate a generated maze, possibly dealing with obstacles or gathering items…

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Blog 411: Movie Night

My parents were on holiday for the last week. The most important thing about this is that it gave me complete control of the television; something I don’t normally get. When I say “normally”, I mean “ever”. The last time we watched a film I wanted to see…

Unfortunately, the television this week was utter balls.

But I’m a man of action. I developed a counter-measure… A week of unparalleled cinematic action. Or trashy action films; take your pick. The schedule included The Expendables, Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within, Centurion and Outlander. Plot spoilers have been successfully avoided!

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