Blog 649: Campaign Structure

Despite its questionable surroundings, and indeed its questionable plot, Starcraft II‘s campaign as a whole is a very strong thing. While the rest of the game is mired in eSports the campaign is almost entirely divorced from the outside world — which means it has the freedom to paint the town red.

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Blog 546: The SPRPG Diaries: Rise of the Lich King

Right from the beginning, I was all up in Warcraft III‘s singleplayer RPG scene; a combination of a long attention span (which, I have to admit, has since diminished) and limited internet access made it the natural choice. We might have exhausted the supply of maps that defined my own works, but there is still plenty of interesting stuff out there to have a go at…

Today: the indefatigable Rise of the Lich King by Armelior

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Blog 445: Rexxar, Oh Rexxar

A couple of weeks ago, the sun was shining (oh my, such a rare occurrence).

This took me back to the Warcraft III OrcX campaign. Or, as it’s more commonly known (most people don’t know things by their internal labels, it’s true), The Founding of Durotar. The Rexxar campaign. This is the only one of the campaigns that I actually enjoy, because, well, it’s not a shitty RTS campaign. Have I told you that WC3 is a terrible RTS? Surely.

When The Frozen Throne came out, it came with only part one of this three-part campaign. We played it and loved it, a deliciously large slice of action-adventure, and then we languished in development hell waiting for the next two episodes to come.

Unlike almost every episodic game since, they actually did come.

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