Blog 802: Buffs

For those that didn’t grow up modding Warcraft III: a “buff” is some lasting effect that is applied to a unit, such as it being stunned or on fire. Needless to say, Exon has lasting effects too. It’s not all impact-and-forget; mechs need to get stunned and corroded and all sorts of other things I haven’t thought of yet.

How hard can it be? You just stick the thing in a list and count down the timer until you turn it off… right?


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Blog 451: Power-ups Y4

Power-ups. Auto-use items that bestow some effect on the player.

What do they add? Excitement? Alternative play-style options? Nothing at all?

Up until very recently, Project Y4 had precisely two power-ups: ammunition and health. Now there are a few more…

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