Blog 574: NaNoWriM… Oh.

Writing is hard. You’d think it’s easy, just a tumble of words, but it isn’t. Not really.

Maybe the restrictions I feel are all self-imposed. Either way, this is a post mortem.

Politics. Bureaucracy. Mismanagement… I’ve got some bad news. The mission

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Blog 571: And Then I Go And Spoil It All…

… by doing something stupid like trying to write a novel in a month. Yeah!

It’s not going to end in tears, is it? Please, tell me it’s not going to end in tears. Ah, don’t worry, I know you can’t lie to me. It’s definitely going to end in tears.

November is National Novel Writing Month, apparently. Some people are going to be writing novels over the course of the month. For funzies. Totes.

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Modding, Warcraft III

Blog 527: Winter Warmer

So, yeah, that map I call Brownscape: Torment, to the endless delight of everybody in the real world who makes out like it’s a poop joke, and to the consternation of all the internet people who wanted it to be more like Planescape: Torment.

One simply cannot win when one takes arbitrary words and then mangles them together, but I’ve been doing that since before I can remember so I’m not going to give up now.

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Modding, Warcraft III

Blog 520: The Return

Some of you may remember the dilemma I had about two years ago, when I was gearing up to do “one last Warcraft III map” (scoff). I had to choose between daftly-titled Brownscape: Torment and feat of strength Project Y4.

But now Y4 is done and it’s down to the bonus missions and the DLC-type extras, I need to take a break. I hope you understand — two solid years on a single project would drive any man to distraction. So one day, for wont of anything better to do, I was strolling around some mothballed projects…

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