Blog 465: All Bricked Up

Relatively recently that I’ve finally reached the critical mass of Lego Star Wars sets that I’ve decided to start doing things with them (I’m a bit anal about mixing different ranges — we’re very lucky I’ve got expanded universe and original trilogy sets mixed up here).

So of a Saturday night, when it’s past bed-time but there’s still a good hour or two of the modern equivalent of Classic Dance Saturday left…

Lego is wonderful.

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Blog 419: Return of the GameBoy

I commute to work every morning. Up at half six (ahaha, more usually seven), out on the 0735 train, swap to the 0744 at Partick to get to Queen Street, stand outside in the freezing cold until the company bus arrives…

But now that I’ve become somewhat acclimatised to this schedule, I’ve taken to not sleeping on the bus in anymore. This necessitates portable entertainment.

Cue GameBoy.

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