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Blog 422: Y4 Gives You More

Project Y4 is becoming quite a hot-bed of variety. As if a completely bog-standard hack and slash RPG wasn’t enough for the main game, now the procedurally-generated maze hacking mini-game is integrated nicely…

Unfortunately, due to some space constraints I had to increase the map size to 256×256 (the maximum possible, up from 192×192) a while back. This has left me with rather a lot of unsightly empty spaces.

Something really must be done about this appalling state of affairs.

No, RDZ does not wall things off and pull the wool over your eyes. He would never be so cheap.

RDZ makes additional content.

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Blog 408: Unreleased Material

Yesterday I turned 22. Yesterday I bought the extended and remastered versions of A-ha’s first two albums, Hunting High and Low and Scoundrel Days with some gift money.

The selection of unreleased material is absolutely jaw-dropping incredible.

My life just got a little more complete.

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