Blog 446: RDZWiki

As when I concentrated on This Wreckage I got a craving for sci-fi, so the focus on Project Y4 has caused stirrings of heroic fantasy. (And let’s not dive into the whole This Wreckage-is-actually-a-science-fantasy-anyway kettle o’ fish.)

Ever since I left This Wreckage behind I’ve been using bLADE Personal Wiki to organise my thoughts as I strip out anything too copyright-infringing and generally make it more cohesive and coherent, in preparation for… the future. Races, factions, places, characters, items… I don’t dedicate a lot of time to it, but now and then I think of things to add or refine.

Then I realised that bLADE Wiki doesn’t quite have all features I need anymore. And with it out of active development, the chances of getting those features are zero.

Since it isn’t open source… I realised I had to make my own personal wiki.

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Blog 392: Did I Mention

… That is was exam season? I probably did.

This is why I haven’t, say, started replaying Baldur’s Gate as I desired to. There is also a considerable backlog of Mass Effect 2 Cerberus Network content that I have yet to experience (not to mention I need to complete the game without losing anyone… or Kelly ;_;).

So what have I been doing instead of studying?

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